Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Motor vehicle theft at 1900 block of Hogan Lane.

A person reported that they started their car to let it warm up at about 7:30 Thursday morning. At about 7:40 it was gone. The car is described as a 2000 Buick LeSabre, white in color, with one headlight.

• Residential burglary (?) at 800 block of Teal Drive.

A house that had been subject to a foreclosure action, but which had been redeemed by the owner, was re-entered for the fist time since August on Wednesday. The owner called police to report that things had been moved around and two revolvers were stolen.

A neighbor reported to the officer that two men in a white truck had been at the house in December. The description of these men is possibly consistent with a foreclosure "cleanup" crew, which is generally an independent contractor that removes trash and belongings from foreclosed property and is supposed to place anything of value into storage for a period of time to give the owner a chance to claim it.

However, this cleanup crew apparently only took the guns, and even more confusingly, gave the neighbor a key to the home and told him that he could go and take whatever he wanted. The homeowner was advised to contact his bank. The missing firearms are described as a Ruger Security Six revolver and an 9-shot .22 revolver.

• Criminal mischief at 2400 block of Washington Avenue.

A person reported that at some point between late Wednesday afternoon and around noon on Thursday her car was keyed by a vandal or vandals.

• Criminal mischief at 800 block of Harkrider Street.

A person reported that at some point between 8 and 9 p.m. on Wednesday a vandal or vandals attacked the hood of a car, leaving a dent.

• Miscellaneous incident.

An officer was told by a person that they had a firearm in their vehicle. The officer then was told by dispatch that the person had a felony sexual assault conviction, and so having a firearm would be illegal. The officer arrested the person, who told the officer that he was very sure that he had never been convicted of felony sexual assault, and that the officer was not going to change his mind about this fact. The officer asked dispatch to run the man’s information one more time. As it turned out, dispatch had made a mistake. The man was released.

• Public intoxication at 2800 block of Pebble Beach Drive.

Late Wednesday evening police were notified that a person seemed to be intoxicated. The man told officers that he’d had "about 10 beers."

"I then asked [the man] what he was celebrating tonight and [he] said, ‘10 beers,’" the report states.

"I stopped for a minute and then asked [the man] where he worked and he said ’10 beers.’

"I asked [him] again what he does to earn money to pay for the 10 beers and [he] replied, ‘yeah, just 10; but I’m fine.’"

The man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.