Officers responded to a residence in the area in reference to a woman who had entered a stranger's residence and asked for drugs and sexual favors. 

According to the report, the victim who was in his home thought he heard his roommate coming home from work and was surprised to see the female subject had entered the residence. 

According to the victim, he went to a neighbor's house to call police after the subject asked him for drugs and talked about sexual favors. 

Officers arrived and made contact with the female subject, who was sitting on the couch inside the residence. 

When an officer asked her what she was doing in the home, she replied that she was inside her friend's apartment. 

The officer told her she was not in her friend's apartment, but she refused to leave the residence. 

She was taken into custody for criminal trespass, and a search of her purse revealed marijuana, according to police. 

The subject appeared intoxicated, police noted in the report. 

In transport the subject became uncooperative and wanted to be seen for medical attention. 

At the hospital the subject reportedly acted like she was unconscious and also threw herself from a wheel chair and yelled that officers pushed her out of it. 

The subject told officers and medical staff the world was going to end on April 15, and demanded that officers call her father more than 30 times. 

She demanded to go to the bathroom, the report stated, and when told to wait for assistance from a female nurse, she reportedly pulled her pants down and said "I'll just go in the floor then." 

She was escorted to the bathroom, and the nurse came back out and said the subject had slipped out of her handcuff and was being uncooperative. 

After the doctor released the subject she was taken to Unit 2 for booking, but would not cooperate in order to get a booking photo. According to the report, the woman "acted as if she was posing for a modeling headshot."