• Criminal mischief at 1500 block of Clifton Street.

Officers responded in reference to a damaged vehicle.

Officers observed a Lincoln in the parking lot that had white rocks all over it. The car had apparently also been hit with a glass jar of marbles.

When officers made contact with the vehicle’s owner, he advised his ex-girlfriend may be the offender.

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

A 22-year-old female was stopped after passing all points of sale without paying for concealed items. The items were a watch, lanyard, pair of panties, hair bow, phone case and a bracelet. Items were valued at $50.

• Theft of property at 230 block of Locust Street.

The victim told police he placed his guitar on the ground outside his garage, and when he came back to get it, the guitar was gone.

• Criminal mischief at 180 block of Salem Road.

The victim told police a vehicle followed him to his residence from an Interstate 40 exit ramp. He said when he entered his residence, he did not see the vehicle. When he went back out to get something out of his car, a rear tire was slashed. He told police he did not recognize the vehicle or the person driving it.

• Harassment at 2200 block of Lee Avenue.

The victim advised someone in an online gaming site has been harassing her. She said for the last seven years she has been active on the site, and she has developed many friendships. One individual who was initially considered a friend became mean-spirited, she reported. The subject bothered the victim on the site and once showed up from Texas at a Halloween party the victim planned at her home. The victim said the subject recently told her the next time he or she calls might be from inside her house.

• Found property at 400 block of Fairway Drive.

The victim said when he arrived at home he found a small bag of marijuana on his door step. He said he did not know where it came from or who may have put it there.

• Theft of property at 4200 block of Bay Hill Drive.

The victim told police that while her family slumbered inside their home, someone took their Conway Sanitation refuse containers. According to the report, the victim feels as though other containers are also missing and would like the department to be aware of the thefts. The container is described as large, rectangular in shape and vibrant green. The container is valued at "approximately 182 British Pounds or $300.00 American dollars."

• Criminal mischief at 1600 block of Hartje Lane.

The victim stated he heard a loud "pop" outside his residence but did not immediately check on the noise. When he went outside, someone had broken the rear window of his van.

• Fraudulent use of a credit card, Centennial Bank.

The victim found five transactions totaling $823 originating in New York and New Jersey.

• Fraudulent use of a credit card, Centennial Bank.

The victim found $129 in fraudulent charges from THINKCRDT800 and ISIGNUP.com.

• Theft of property at 705 Salem Road, McDonald’s.

The victim told police someone took her purse after she left it on a table in the restaurant. She said she had not been gone long when she went back to McDonald’s and was told another woman claimed her purse from behind the counter. Employees reviewed the surveillance video with police and observed a woman walk up to the counter and tell the manager she left her purse somewhere in the restaurant. The woman takes the purse in the video and leaves the area. Police obtained a still image of the video that will be used to identify the woman.

• Nonfinancial identity fraud at 955 Carson Cove, George Mackey CPA.

The person reporting told police she is a lawyer, and she found a package on her desk that was addressed to an inmate currently incarcerated at Faulkner County Unit 1. The package was addressed as if it was from her, according to the report.

Inside were legal documents.

The officer responding noticed some of the pages were glued together, and he went outside to examine what appeared to be a dark mass in the middle of the pages.

When the officer opened the glued pages he observed about six grams of marijuana. Another mass inside other glued pages contained two grams of cocaine, according to the report.

Police are looking into the matter because it appears someone attempted to use fraudulent legal documentation to pass narcotics to an inmate in jail.

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Loss prevention employees detained a subject who attempted to steal a AT&T wireless hotspot device valued at $100.

• Public intoxication at 235 Farris Road, Bear’s Den Pizza.

Conway police responded to a crowd fighting outside the business in the parking lot. Dispatch advised UCA Police Department was on scene and fighting subjects. When Conway police arrived, they noted UCAPD had control of the situation, and two subjects were in custody.

• Shoplifting and possession of drug paraphernalia at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

A subject was stopped by loss prevention employees after attempting to leave the store without paying for golf tees, a baseball, and a golf hat. A search of the subject revealed an instrument that contained residue of meth or cocaine.

• Public intoxication at Prince Street and Donaghey Avenue intersection.

Officers responded to the area in reference to a male subject seen lying face down on the sidewalk. Officers made contact with a male subject who was lying face down in the grass. According to the report, the subject appeared to be intoxicated. The subject had a warrant out of Conway Police Department and was arrested.

• Possession of drug paraphernalia and shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Officers responded in to the business in reference to a woman who was seen concealing an energy drink and lighter in her bag. The subject reportedly paid for some items but did not pay for the items that were concealed. A search of the subject revealed marijuana and a pipe used to smoke meth.

• Sale, barter or loan of liquor at 2235 Dave Ward Drive, Barefoot Campus Outfitter.

Undercover surveillance at the business revealed patrons were being served margaritas after their purchases. According to the Conway Police Department report, an officer saw margarita mix near a frozen beverage machine behind the counter and patrons walking around with clear plastic cups containing a light-colored beverage. The undercover officer made a purchase but was not offered a drink, according to the report.

An officer went back to the business and spoke with the manager and explained why he was there.

The manager explained that the business was checking IDs and no one under 21 was being given margaritas. The officer informed the manager it was illegal to sell or give away alcoholic beverages. The manager told the officer it was a promotion that other stores in Texas used, and she did not know it was illegal.

• Motor vehicle theft at 2000 block of Rich Smith Lane.

The victim told police someone stole her vehicle overnight. She advised she left the keys in the car, and it was unlocked.

• Fraudulent use of a credit card.

The victim told police someone used her Discover and MasterCard credit accounts to charge $14,00 and $23,045. The last purchase was at a florist shop in Dumas, Arkansas for $90.18.

• Motor vehicle theft at 1900 block of Hogan Lane.

The victim told police someone stole his vehicle when he left it running. The victim told police he was letting the car warm up, and it was gone when he went out to leave the residence.

• Theft of property at 855 Salem Road, Kroger.

A loss prevention officer at the business told police he observed the subject place several makeup items in her purse and leave the store. She was confronted before she left the property, and she was transported to Unit 2 for booking.

• Shoplifting at 559 Elsinger Blvd., Game Stop.

An employee at the business said a female subject asked for a tablet and headphones. The employee placed the items behind the counter so they could be rung up, and the subject asked for an XBox. When the cashier went to get the XBox, the subject took the items and left the store. The incident was recorded on video.

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