Those interested in exploring broad, balanced, environmental education are encouraged to attend the Conway EcoFest Community meeting, 6:30-8 p.m. Monday, March 17, at the McGee Center, 3800 College Ave., to see where their talents could best be utilized to help create the 6th annual fall festival. Related and connecting topics include health, agriculture, energy of all kinds, eco-homes/businesses, locally grown/handcrafted items, natural resources, waste/litter/pollution issues, transportation, and more.

Time commitments & skill-sets vary.

Door prizes will be given and snacks will be provided.

Interested public; Educators/Students/Clubs; School Representative(s); Professionals. Wide range of topics/interests (it’s all connected!) and skill sets are needed.


• EcoFest event overview; identify current needs

• Interact with a few featured exhibits and sections

• Meet those with similar interests in order to strengthen exhibits/sections

• Consider ways to be involved; share resources

• Volunteer sign-up: variable skill sets and time commitment

For more information, visit:; Facebook or Twitter; or call Debbie Plopper at 472-0901.