The mystery of what police described as "a significant amount of blood" found in a package bin behind the downtown post office gets either more or less mysterious, depending on how you look at it. 

According to LaTresha Woodruff, Conway Police Department public information officer, CPD has checked with the local hospital and ambulance service to find a correlation with the blood, which probably ended up in the bin sometime between last Friday and Tuesday, and reported serious injuries or accidents. So far, they’ve come up with no good explanation.

Normally questions about blood associated with a crime can be answered by the Arkansas State Crime Lab, but without any crime to link it with, the crime lab can’t analyze the blood in question, Woodruff said.

At this point authorities don’t know if the blood came from a human or not, but whatever it came from lost a useful amount of it according to a witness who saw the bloody canvas bags being retrieved from the bin by police.

Video from a surveillance camera on the back loading dock of the Log Cabin Democrat has been reviewed, and shows nothing to shed light on the question, according to Woodruff. The camera’s field of view does not show the half of the loading dock the newspaper shares with the post office.

CPD will hold the bloody canvas bags as potential evidence of whatever they may end up being evidence of, if anything, according to police.

Anyone with information on this or any other possible crime-related incident can call 450-6120.