Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Loss prevention employees observed a 41-year-old woman pass all points of sale without paying for a brush set and markers valued at $41.

• Non-financial identity fraud.

The victim told police he went to file his taxes, but someone had already used his social security number to file.

• Possession of drug paraphernalia at 1300 block of Bruce Street.

Officers responded to the area when a caller advised a male was lying on her porch and refusing to leave unless she gave him a ride. Officers made contact with the subject, who was noted to be anxious and fidgety. The subject agreed to a search, which revealed a glass smoking device. The officer was unable to use the pipe residue to determine what the pipe was used for.

• Theft of property, Region’s Bank.

The victim reported someone had been using his debit account and card to make numerous purchases around town. The amount stolen was $4,800.

• Shoplifting at 801 Elsinger Blvd., Kohl’s.

Officers arrived in reference to a subject who had concealed two pocket knives in the store. When officers arrived, they watched the subject on video surveillance as he walked through the store. The male was seen walking into the shoe section and trying on different pairs of shoes. The subject took a pair of shoes out of the box, put them on and then placed the shoes he had on in the box. He then went to the electronics section and used one of the knives to open several boxes in the section. He then attempted to cut a theft detection device off of one of the boxes. Officers stopped the subject and took the items. The subject was transported to Unit 2 and booked into jail.

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Loss prevention employees attempted to stop a subject who left the store with a cassette adapter out of its package. The subject left the area. Employees advised they are familiar with the subject because he had previously been caught shoplifting at the store.

• Underage DUI law at 2050 Dave Ward Drive, Kum and Go.

An officer observed a subject parked in a handicap zone without a placard. The officer said when he walked to the front of the building a female walked out of the store and as she stepped off the sidewalk, she stumbled. The subject then got into the vehicle. The officer approached the vehicle, and the female said, "I didn’t smoke anything when I was in their car." The officer wrote that the statement seemed odd to him because he had just told her she could not park in the handicap zone. The female made the statement again. When the officer asked her what she was talking about, she replied, "I didn’t smoke anything illegal when I was in their car."

The female’s speech was slurred and the officer noted the odor of intoxicants. The subject denied drinking alcohol and said, "I pinky swear," the report stated.

The subject refused to take the intox test, but was charged with DUI, underage refusal to submit, parking in an illegal zone, and minor in possession of alcohol. The subject is 19 years old.

• Theft of property at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

A loss prevention employee told police she observed a man carry a bottle of cooking wine into the bathroom. The subject apparently tucked the cooking wine into his coat. When confronted, the subject told employees the wine was purchased earlier. The subject also had concealed lunchmeat in his backpack, according to the report. The subject was transported to Unit 2 for booking.

• 2302 College Avenue, Conway Regional Medical Center.

The victim told police someone cut all four tires on his truck while he was at the hospital.

• Shoplifting at 3900 Dave Ward Drive, Sally’s Beauty Supply.

An employee at the business advised two females presented items at the counter for purchase. The employee stated the two females exited the store after they couldn’t pay for the merchandise, taking the items with them. Employees lost sight of the vehicle the subjects left in, going toward Dave Ward Drive.

• Criminal mischief at 1308 Oak Street, Ye Olde Daisy Shoppe.

An employee of the business reported someone sprayed graffiti on the west side of the building. An eyeball with "CTRED" was spray painted on the building, and there was another piece that said "TRED."

• Endangering the welfare of a minor at 100 block of Brookside Drive.

Officers in the area observed a small child sitting in the back seat of an SUV. The boy was unattended without people around the vehicle. The front windows were down about six inches, and the vehicle was turned off and left insecure, according to the report. The officer wrote that he looked up and down the street and between trailers and found nobody. The officer began knocking on doors and found the boy’s mother. She was cited for endangering the welfare of a minor. The boy is two years old.

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