This week, Conway-based smartphone privacy and preference service PrivacyStar launched a revamped version of its website that identifies the top offending telemarketers, scammers and debt collectors by name, offense and location.

The service, available free through the company’s website, enables users to lookup a phone number and receive detailed, real-time information about unknown callers.

The information is compiled by millions of PrivacyStar users from call blocks, number lookups and complaints against unwanted callers with the Federal Trade Commission for Do Not Call and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act violations.

The new site exposes company names, locations, associated phone numbers and current PrivacyStar user feedback including nature of complaint.

"PrivacyStar has evolved from an industry-first solution to block unwanted calls and texts to being a dynamic source of both information and protection," said Jonathan Sasse, CMO of PrivacyStar. "The most frequent way scammers approached consumers last year was through the telephone and PrivacyStar provides consumers with a tool to protect themselves and let them know who’s got their number."

Last year over 100 billion spam calls were made, many of which were done so illegally, PrivacyStar said in a news release. The Federal Trade Commission reports that unwanted telemarketing calls and texts are among the top three consumer complaints received.

The new PrivacyStar service addresses this growing issue by providing updated caller profiles that leverage the vast PrivacyStar network. The site was created to educate and inform consumers about their rights and how to take action, by filing complaints with the FTC.

The service also provides a clear understanding of who is calling, and more importantly, why they might be calling.

The new PrivacyStar web service is available for free through and the Android mobile app. The app is available for iPhone for $4.99.

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