The weather this past week was beautiful and makes me feel like spring is finally here. Daylight Saving Time is back and I will enjoy having that extra hour of daylight in the evenings, as I am sure everyone else will. I feel better mentally and can’t wait until all the trees and flowers are blooming and making Centerville more beautiful than it already is. I am a big fan of living in Arkansas because we get to experience a little bit of all four seasons, but I have had enough winter and am ready for it to be gone.

We had a smaller group at CUMC last week but still drew a good crowd. Tom and Margaret Beasley were back after a trip to Colorado to ski with family. Margaret said Thomas is a natural at skiing and they had pictures made to celebrate three generations of Beasley men enjoying the slopes. Rick Gartner was gone to visit with his granddaughter in Oklahoma for her Birthday. The kids love when Rick does the children’s worship but Lana was popular since she had a tray of baked goodies for them to split after the service. I also suspect that several families were just running a bit late with the time change.

Kaylee Freeman and Zane Golden had a big week end at Hot Springs for their State Archery Tournament. Both the 6th and 7th grade teams qualified for Nationals in May, which are held in Louisville, Ky. Andrea, Howard, and Scarlett Hall got up bright and early so they could see the kids perform in Hot Springs and we then ate lunch at The Brick House. The Hot Springs Convention Center had many pieces of artwork on display and we enjoyed walking around since the weather was beautiful. It was a busy day, but we had a great time.


Again this community was hit with lots of sadness this past week. We lost another pillar of the community, Mr. Williams, father of Terry (Bones) Williams, Lynn Acre, Jimme Ann Hartwick and Donna Treece, all of Guy. He had many grandkids and great-grands too. He will be missed by many in the community. Please keep this family in your prayers as they deal with their loss in their own ways. His services were last Saturday.

It saddens me to say that Jane Bearden, wife of David Bearden and daughter-in-law of Bessie and Darrel Bearden, mother of Michael Bearden, was killed in a tragic car crash last Friday morning. The Lord was watching over her granddaughter Phoenix as she was in the vehicle with her and was covered in glass but not a scratch on her. Phoenix is 18 months old. This is a terrible tragedy to go through. Please keep the Bearden family in your prayers and pray that God gives them strength to get through this and the ability to take care of that precious baby who has lost so much. I just want this family to know I am here if you need me, after all that is what neighbors are for. I love all of you. R.I.P Jane we will miss you!

Maddie Mode won first place in the Faulkner County Poetry Contest recently at Greenbrier. She attends Guy Perkins Elementary School. She Is the daughter of Clay and Taylor Mode, granddaughter of Gary and Charolett Mode and great-granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood, all of Guy. Maddie, I am so proud of you what a great job! You will have to come and read your poem to me.

Steve Rooney, son of Becky Gray and Eugene Rooney, celebrated his birthday this past week. Hope you had a good one Steve and many more to come. Also my nephew, Brady Hooten, had a birthday last week at Hogwild! It was a great party!

There will be a Spaghetti Dinner and Desert Auction fundraiser this Sunday at the Guy Perkins Cafeteria for Mickey and Monta Fortner to help cover some expenses for Mickey’s cancer treatments. It will start at 11 a.m. Please come out and support this family in their time of need. We have a great community when someone needs help or has a tragedy. This is why I love living in this small town with a great big heart. The Town of Guy Rocks!

Happy birthday to my wonderful son, Jerry Dowdy, who will turn 38 on Sunday, March 16. Jerry, I want you to know how proud I am of you. You have become a wonderful young man with a wonderful family. You have a successful career and words can never express how much I love you.

Also keep Jerry in your prayers, he recently had some surgery on his ear which was a result of his head trauma of that nasty car crash when he was 8 years old. All these years he has complained with ear aches and roaring in his ear. Low and behold there was a bone broken inside his ear and had to be replaced. He thought he was losing his hearing. As this car crash was caused by people choosing to drink and drive. My children are the reason I firmly represent MADD in trying to spread the word not to drink and drive. Both Sandy and Jerry are still having problems from this car crash. You notice I said crash because it is not an accident when someone makes that choice to drink and drive. I don’t want any other family to go through what we have had to go through.

Please send news to or call me at 679-3299 or call my mom’s number or you can message me on Facebook. Have a great week and be safe out there if you go somewhere on Spring Break!


How about this beautiful weather? I love this sunshine and warmer temperature. And now we have to get used to the time changes. I wish we stayed on Daylight Saving Time all the time. But I must stop complaining.

We had to give up two good men last week as they went home to be with their Heavenly Father. Bro. Tom Lucas, one of our favorite Methodist preachers. He pastored many churches in his lifetime. He loved our Lord and will truly be missed. He often carried a red handkerchief in his back pocket, for fun. The family has our sympathy.

Also sympathy to the loved ones of Bro. Winfred Goodwin. He was a loving Baptist preacher. He preached at Centerville United Methodist Church in Faulkner County not many years ago, when they didn’t have a pastor. They loved him and he will be missed. He was married to Clestine (Herring) Goodwin. Both preachers went home to be with the Lord week before last.

Congratulations to Hud and Elexis Rannenberg on the birth of their new baby daughter. She weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

We are still having sickness in our community and need the prayers of you faithful Prayer Warriors. The same ones I have asked prayer for many times; and we also have answered prayer, praise His Holy name.

I wasn’t able to attend church or singing last Sunday, but they said the singing was pretty good. Next month, the second Sunday in April, it will be at Springhill Baptist Church. The second Sunday in May, the singing will meet at Centerville United Methodist Church.

Have a good week and thank God for His care.

When we confess and repent, God is eager to forgive our sins.