Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department.

• Criminal trespass at 1000 block of Crosspoint Drive.

Officers sped to a residence where a person inside was on the phone with 9-1-1 saying that a man was in her backyard possibly trying to break into her home.

"[The resident] said the male rang her doorbell and knocked on the door. She said she immediately got up to look through her peep hole … there was no one there," the report states. "moments later she heard a noise outside her back window. She then looked out of the window next to her back door. [She] said that she saw the top of a . . . male’s head next to her back door."

The officers found a man crouched by the backdoor and arrested him. It turned out he was in the neighborhood going door-to-door peddling magazines for a company called Unity Management. Coincidentally, there’s a story in today’s edition about an ordinance that is hoped to regulate door-to-door sales in Conway. The ordinance will be discussed at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

• Aggravated assault at 2300 Prince Street (Conway High School).

Officers responded Friday morning to reports that a man who earlier had menaced a teen with a handgun in an off-campus incident was in a parked car in front of the school, and still had the gun. The man was found and arrested on suspicion of possession of a handgun by certain persons. The handgun, a Raven .25 ACP handgun (fairly called a "Saturday night special") found on the back seat was submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for analysis as part of "Operation Shutdown," which involves test-firing the weapon and recording the unique marks left on the bullet and brass in a national database to hopefully link weapons used in crimes with other cases.

• Lottery ticket theft at 200 S. Harkrider and 375 E. Oak Street.

A person described as a 4’10" white woman with blonde hair twice executed a cunning criminal scheme on Thursday and Friday at the Gulf and Valero gas stations. In each heist, the woman asked for about 15 lottery tickets and then — and this is the clever bit — she asked for a pack of cigarettes after the attendant put the tickets on the counter. When the attendant turned their back to get the smokes, the woman swiped the tickets and ran out the door. It might seem like the perfect crime, but every ticket has a unique number that’s "flagged" when stolen, and the places a ticket’s stolen from or cashed, including the two gas stations in question, generally have surveillance cameras.

• Motor vehicle theft at 3100 block of Irby Drive.

A resident reported that at some point between Friday, March 7 and Friday, March 14 a thief or thieves stole a maroon Chevy Z-71 pickup and the Glock 21 handgun that was left in it. 

• First-offense DWI/fleeing in a vehicle at College Avenue. An officer noticed that a car was driving outside its lane at about 2:30  a.m. Friday and initiated a traffic stop. The driver did pull into a parking lot and stop, but not before having accelerated to what the officer estimated was about 60mph on College Avenue. The driver was arrested and refused chemical testing. Phone calls were made to the city attorney and district court judge, warrants were issued, and blood was drawn, as per the city’s policy in refusal to submit to chemical testing instances.

• Fleeing on foot at 1500 block of Old Morrilton Highway. An officer attempted to stop a car at around 5:20 Friday afternoon when the driver bailed out and fled on foot. A Little Rock PD sergeant who happened to be passing by noticed the chase and joined in, having identified himself as police to the CPD officer. The two officers were able to run the man down, but when they caught up to him he said "you mother [expletive] are just gonna have to kill me." "I holstered my weapon, made contact with [the Little Rock officer] and we used open hand techniques to force the suspect to the ground." The suspect continued to resist being handcuffed, according to the report, and the CPD officer used a "brachial stun" technique to get him under control. The man was arrested on suspicion of driving without a license, resisting arrest and improper turn signal use.

• First-degree criminal mischief at 1900 block of Bruce Street.

A resident reported that a vandal or vandals attacked their 2001 Saab 9-3 cabriolet at some point late Friday night or early Saturday morning. The hood was keyed, the soft top knifed and black paint had been poured on the car.