A Little Rock man led Conway police on a strange, meandering vehicle pursuit Monday morning.

According to an incident report, an officer in a marked patrol car was driving north on Donaghey Avenue toward the stoplights at Robins Street when "a white Dodge truck pull[ed] up beside me and continued through the intersection pass[ing] me."

When the officer tried to stop the truck for running the stoplight the truck continued driving north on Donaghey and drove through the red light there.

The officer stayed behind the truck, lights and siren turned on, as it turned on to College Avenue and then Watkins Street, running through each of the stop signs along the way, and then made several aimless turns generally headed northeast towards the downtown area.

Bizarrely, at one point in the pursuit the driver was waving his arm at the officer as though to tell him to go around him.

Another officer tried to set up a spike strip at Spruce and Front streets, but wasn’t able to get it unpacked and deployed before the truck went by on its way east, across Harkrider, and all the way to the east edge of town, finally stopping on Keathley Drive where the driver, identified in the report as 47-year-old Ray Anthony Woodson, was arrested.

Woodson was being held on Wednesday on a misdemeanor fugitive warrant, fleeing, suspected possession of drug paraphernalia and a host of traffic offenses.

One police car, a Crown Victoria, had to drop out of the pursuit when its skid plate came off, apparently taking a transmission fluid cooler line with it. At another point, officers were on the verge of stopping the pursuit when it looked like Woodson was going to drive past Bob Courtway Middle School. 

La Tresha Woodruff, CPD public information officer, said that supplemental police reports and dash camera video would be sealed as per department policy while the pursuit is reviewed, which usually takes a couple days.

Woodson was arrested in 2011 for a list of suspected offenses including driving without a license and felony fleeing.