A recent traffic stop at the intersection of Gardenia and Favre Lane resulted in an arrest on possession of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license.

According to the Conway Police Department report, the 35-year-old male subject was stopped for traveling 40 miles per hour in a 30 zone.

When the officer approached the subject's vehicle, the subject rolled down the window and said, "Officer, I'm sorry but I'm in a hurry because I have to take a [expletive]."

The officer noted that when the subject rolled the window down, he smelled an overwhelming aroma of raw marijuana.

The subject was found to have a suspended license, but he told the officer he has a hardship license in order to drive while he is on call with his job as a mortician with an out-of-town funeral home.

The subject was found to have an outstanding warrant with the Sherwood Police Department, according to the report.

When the subject was asked to step out of the vehicle, he began "eating on a piece of chicken," the report stated. The officer noted when he first stopped the subject, he was not eating chicken and now he was.

While the subject ate his chicken, the officer gained consent to search the subject's backpack, which contained a mason jar with suspected marijuana, a plastic bag and a digital scale.

The subject explained to the officer the marijuana was for his own personal use because he "love(ed) smoking weed."
He was taken into custody.

A styrofoam takeout container recovered in the front passenger seat contained chicken wings and a plastic baggie containing suspected marijuana.
The items were turned over to evidence.