Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Possession of a controlled substance at 2100 block of Tyler Street. An officer noticed that the little light that’s supposed to illuminate a passing car’s license plate wasn’t glowing on Monday night and pulled the car over. The officer smelled marijuana and got the driver’s permission to search the car. The officer found several small plastic bags of "a green vegetable substance" amounting to about four ounces in all, another bag with about three grams of a rocklike substance, a digital scale and 30 pills marked "Watson 843." According to an online source, pills with this marking contain the drug hydrochlorothiazide, a blood pressure medicine and not a controlled substance. The man was arrested on suspicion of three counts possession with a purpose to deliver.

• Commercial burglary at 1065 Clayton Street (Conway Coin Laundry). At some point before dawn on Tuesday a burglar or burglars used a misplaced set of keys to get into the laundromat. Once inside, they got into a storage room and climbed up into the suspended ceiling trying to get at a room with the cash register and generally meddled about for a while, not managing to steal anything as far as the business owner could tell.

• Vehicle break-in at 2300 block of Dahlia Road. A resident reported that at some point between late Sunday night and early Monday morning a thief or thieves got into his pickup truck by prying open the sliding rear window and stole a Hi-Point .45 ACP pistol and a Holly fuel-injection computer and wiring harness. The thief or thieves also used the occasion to beat each and ever body panel on the truck with something like a ball-peen hammer.

• Theft of property at 200 block of Davis Street. A resident reported that at some point between Friday evening and noon on Sunday a thief or thieves stole an Echo chainsaw, an Echo leaf blower, a Shindaiwa weedeater, a Shindaiwa leaf blower and a Husqvarna weedeater. All of the equipment was sitting on a trailer in the victim’s carport.

• Motor vehicle theft at 2500 block of West Martin Street. A resident reported that at some point between Wednesday night and Monday a thief stole his 2013 Yamaha Zuma 49cc motor scooter. The scooter has red paint (the only other color offered by Yamaha in 2013 was black) and a UCA parking sticker on the rear mudguard with a number beginning and ending with the number 4.

• Theft of property at 100 block of Exchange Avenue. At some point between Thursday night and mid-morning Friday a thief or thieves stole the battery and battery cables from a city-owned bulldozer at a work site.

• Criminal mischief at 500 block of South Donaghey Avenue. At around 7 p.m. on Monday a motorist tried to go out the in gate at The Edge apartments, with the predictable results. Video captured the driver getting out to look at the damage to the vehicle before driving away. The investigating officer, suspecting that the driver might be a college student, cross-referenced the vehicle license plate with UCAPD parking sticker information and ended up with the driver’s phone number. The driver told the officer over the phone that they’d get in touch with apartment management to talk about paying to fix the gate. Apartment management was advised on how to seek a warrant for suspected criminal mischief if that doesn’t work out.

• Found property at 501 Elsinger Blvd. (Target). A store employee found a plastic bag containing what was feared to be green leafy vegetable matter on the floor of the store and turned it in to a store security agent, who in turn turned it over to police.

• Found property at 100 block of South German Lane. A "Star Wars" themed wallet was turned in to Conway PD on Monday with $9 and a UACCM student ID and Bank of the Ozarks card issued to a Mr. Smith inside it.