Making and achieving goals is one life lesson learned in school, and the students at Conway Christian got a special reward if they stuck to their reading goals.

Earlier this school year, elementary Principal Donald Holt agreed that students who met their reading goals and did their reading-comprehension tests in the Accelerated Reader computer program would get to participate in a special event where he would be duct taped to the wall.

That moment came Friday morning. With rolls of duct tape set out and a Dr. Seuss-type hat ready to be worn, Holt made his way to a spot surrounded by stacks of books. The wall was covered in yellow paper and he was handed a book to glance through while he was standing there.

"All the kids from third grade through sixth grade who met their AR reading goal gets a piece of tape depending on how many points they got above and beyond," Holt said of the challenge.

A couple of teachers came up with the idea and approached Holt about it. He agreed to the plan and it came to fruition on Friday.

Students and teachers lined up to apply their tape. The whole process took about an hour, including a parade of students who came to see the results.

When asked how he was feeling in the midst of the duct-taping experience, Holt had one word:


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