The owners of Pitza42 do not just care about providing quick and tasty pizzas for their customers. Their mission is to feed hungry people around the world, and they are about to take another step toward that mission.

From April 3 through April 5, thousands of volunteers will be at Fellowship Bible Church packing up 544,320 meals to be shipped to other countries to provide for hungry people with the third MobilePack event.

"That fills two ocean containers," said Pitza42 owner Austin Samuelson.

This will be the third time Pitza42 has packed meals to ship overseas. The first year they packed 100,000, meals and last year they packed 272,000.

The meals will be going to two places. One ocean container will be going to Children’s Cup in Swaziland. The second container’s destination will be determined soon since the logistics of the original plan did not pan out.

The packing endeavor will require 3,000 volunteers working in two-hour shifts, but Samuelson said spots are filling up fast.

"We have about 600 spots left," he said Monday. "We expect them to fill up by the end of the week."

The volunteers will pack rice-based meals including four ingredients: Soy, rice, vegetables and a vitamin and mineral vegetarian chicken flavoring mix.

Samuelson said the packing volunteer opportunity is "great for anyone ages five to 95," and the past events have been fun and energetic.

The volunteer opportunity is especially great for children ages five to 10, Samuelson said.

"Their mind is blown by it," he said. "First by the huge need and then by the fact that they can help a kid their own way."

Pitza42 has partnered with Centennial Bank and B98.5 to promote a quarter drive. Earlier this month, B98.5 started asking listeners to drop off spare change at any Central Arkansas Centennial Bank branch. The proceeds from the quarter drive will help pay for the meals being donated, which cost a quarter each in ingredients.

For more information on the MobilePack event or to volunteer, visit

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