Circuit judge candidate Angela Byrd's license to practice law was suspended for one day this month, and that one day may come in conflict with her candidacy according to Amendment 80 of the state constitution.

Law license dues were due March 3, but the deadline was extended to March 5 due to ice and snow. Byrd did not pay the dues until March 7. Her license was suspended March 6 for nonpayment and was reinstated when she paid the following day, according to the Arkansas Supreme Court clerk's office. 

Amendment 80, section 16 of the Arkansas Constitution states that "Circuit Judges shall have been licensed attorneys of this state for at least six years immediately preceding the date of assuming office."  

Byrd was contacted by the Log Cabin and said she did not receive notice of a suspension. 

According to the Arkansas Times, 6th Circuit Court candidate Valerie Bailey was disqualified earlier this month because her law license was suspended for a number of years, violating the six year rule. The Arkansas Times reports Bailey's license was suspended between 2002 and 2011 because she did not complete required legal education courses.

This story will be updated as more information comes out.