The section of road at Oak Street and Parkway Avenue is closed due to a broken water main.

Conway Corporation is currently on the scene repairing the broken water line. The road will remain closed through the lunch hour. Crews estimate repairs to be complete at about 1 p.m.

Three Oak Street businesses are without water, the Charlotte John Co. at 1300 Oak St., French Lily Clothing at 1302 Oak St. and Brooks Fine Jewelry at 1304 Oak St.

Conway Corporation CEO Richie Arnold said he received notice of the repairs at about 8 this morning.  

Arnold said the warmer weather most likely caused a leak in the water main that resulted in a break. 

"When the water temperature is changing in those lines you start seeing leaks," he said. "When water is under pressure in the [water] main it cracks and breaks."

Repair crews can either replace a section of the pipe or clamp the pipe, Arnold explained. In this scenario, he said, he suspects it will be best to replace the broken section of pipe.

Repairs should be complete and the water should be back on at about 1 p.m., Arnold said.

A temporary asphalt patch will be in place when Conway Corp. finishes repairs this afternoon, Arnold said, but depending on how much asphalt has to be removed further road repairs could be required.