Shady Grove

I took the following from a Facebook item I received, "Spring Forward, how far did they move it?". Enough said on that subject!!

I had a wonderful time last weekend with my daughter and granddaughter, Susan and Chelsey Cavin. Susan and I went to Oklahoma City on Friday afternoon to visit Chelsey. We spent the day Saturday shopping and had dinner at Chili’s. Sunday morning we just lazed around till lunch time, then ate lunch at Olive Garden. After lunch we took in a movie. Dinner was take-out pizza. For evening entertainment we became couch potatoes and watched movies till bedtime. Got up Monday morning, Chelsey left for work and we started home. A great weekend with my girls.

I want to help my nephew, Shawn Hammontree, get the word out about his latest "rant." Shawn is asking for volunteers to pick up trash along the roads in their own area. If everyone would do just a little, think what it would do for the beautification of Faulkner County. Unfortunately, there are still those who don’t give a flip and will come right behind you and throw out more. Let’s help Shawn out!

The following was sent to me from Joyce Nell Garrison – "Joyce Nell Garrison received a phone call from Geneva "Gigi" Griffin Brannon of Fayetteville. She said that her husband, Jimmy Brannon, had died. Jimmy and Joyce Nell were in the same class at Greenbrier High School and graduated in 1948. Jimmy had Parkinson’s disease. He requested his body be donated to UAMS to further research. What a noble gesture on the part of Jimmy!

As far as Joyce Nell can determine, there are only 10 members out of 36 who are still living. Three of the group have died in the last few months. They are Mary Nell McKay Thompson of North Little Rock and Jimmy and Russell Tubbs of Greenbrier."

In the conversation with Gigi, Joyce asked about her mother, Freddie Griffin. Gigi said, "She still lives in her house in Greenbrier and is 99 years old. Freddie has a brother, Russell Harrington, who is 97 years old and another brother, Prentice Harrington, who is 101. The Harrington siblings are the children of the late Pack and Virgie Harrington, and they partially grew up in the Horseshoe Mountain area."


Hope everyone has had a great Spring Break! Even though the weather has not been the best. I have spent some great quality time with my Landon Dowdy. We have been to the movies, bowling, Woolly Hollow, playing in the yard, visiting cousins so we have been busy not including the time we have spent with my mom too.

Lots of prayers in the community needed for the following people: Jerry Glover, Jeanie Glover, Gary Glover, Patricia (Rainer) Byrd, mother of Tabithia, Justin and Janet. Everyone needs those prayers so keep those coming

There will be a Fish Fry Fund Raiser for The Guy Fire Department at the fire station on Old Texas Road on Saturday, April 12. Donations will be accepted.

Send me news about your Spring Break! I know that Robin Jones is having a great time in Gulf Shores! Julie Hicks and crew and Jennifer Rooney and Family are all visiting Branson.

Please send news to or give me a call. Have a great week and drive safely.