Incident reports recently filed by Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office:

• Breaking or entering, burglary at 200 block of Highway 65, near Greenbrier.

A man told Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office someone broke into the residence he was remodeling and stole a propane heater, a chop saw, a rip saw, a nail gun set and a cordless hand drill.

The victim said when he returned to the residence he saw a muddy shoe print on the door, and the door was open. The victim said he believes the subject would have been on foot because there were valuable items that were heavier that were not taken.

The victim was found to have a warrant out of Quitman Police Department, and he was taken into custody after filing the report with FCSO.

• Theft from a motor vehicle at 160 block of Beaverfork Road, near Conway.

A resident told FCSO someone took items from his unlocked vehicle that was parked in his open garage. A checkbook and trolling motor were stolen, according to the victim.

• Disturbance at 10 block of Caudill Road, near Enola.

The victim told FCSO a white truck attempted to back into him in his driveway "for no reason." The victim told the deputy he threw rocks at the vehicle while it drove circles in his yard. He advised that the truck then left his property and immediately had a collision with a Dodge Charger. He said his neighbor saw the whole thing as well. The neighbor also provided a statement.

The driver of the Dodge Charger told police her son was the driver of the truck that was involved in a collision with her vehicle and the same truck involved in the incident with the reporting victim.

The woman said the victim has been harassing them and had run her son off the road.

The woman reported no vehicle damage and did not want to pursue charges relating to the accident.

• Civil complaint or theft at 10 block of Laurence Road, near Greenbrier.

The victim told a FCSO deputy that a friend came to his residence in the area to help him move. The victim said after he had loaded his belongings into her car, he went back inside the residence to leave his dog at the house. When he went back outside, the woman was gone with his belongings.

• Aggravated Assault at 10 block of River Ridge Road, near Mayflower.

An FCSO deputy responded to the area in reference to a battery that had already occurred. The victim in the incident had already been transported to Conway Regional Medical Center after reportedly being struck in the face with a rifle by another male.

According to the report, the victim lost several teeth and his jaw was broken.

The report states the incident had to do with stolen property.

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