Conway police are looking for suspects in a "stickup" style robbery at the Corner Pantry gas station at Donaghey and Tyler streets.

According to an incident report, two men wearing all black clothing and bandannas over their faces came into the store at about 8:20 Saturday night and pointed guns at the clerk, demanding money and some cigarettes. They also robbed customers in the store.

One customer told police that after the thieves ordered him and his friend to the ground they "put a gun up to his head and took his wallet and his cell phone." This customer said that he thought one handgun was a black revolver, probably .22 caliber, and the other a chrome-plated semiauto, probably .25ACP.

On their way out, the men also robbed a woman in her mid-60s in the parking lot at gunpoint, according to the report. This woman told police that one of the men "pushed her against her car, put a pistol to her neck, and told her to give him her wallet."

Both were described as around 6’ or 6’2." One was wearing a red bandanna over his face, a zip-up hooded sweatshirt, black "beanie" hat and black or very dark blue pants or jeans; the other had a white bandanna, the same sort of sweatshirt, and a black flat-billed hat. Both were wearing white gloves.

Surveillance camera footage was submitted to CPD, but officials there weren’t able to provide stills or video of the thieves on Monday or as of 2 p.m. today.