Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary at 400 block of Sixth Street.

The victim told police she left her residence for a short while, and when she returned, she found her Panasonic Toughbook valued at $1,800 was missing from her living room. She later found an iPad was missing as well as a set of keys that went to other apartments.

One of her windows was propped open, and she believes that is how someone gained entry and left through the back door.

• Theft of property from a motor vehicle at 2200 block of Washington Avenue.

The victim reported while his truck was parked in the area, someone stole an air compressor from the bed of the truck.

• Criminal trespass at 1400 block of Bruce Street.

Officers responded to the area in reference to a suspicious person. A resident in the area told police a male came to her door and asked if he could stay in her garage until his court date. She told him he could not. The subject appeared to have "set up camp" in a nearby back yard. An officer wrote in the report that it appeared several people had been staying at the residence where the subject was camping. An officer "cleared" the vacant residence. The subject was made to pack up and leave, but officers were again dispatched to the area because the subject knocked on the original reporting resident’s door and asked again if he could stay at her house. The subject was taken into custody for criminal trespass.


• Motor vehicle theft at 100 block of Old Springfield Road, near Quitman.

The victim told deputies she found her stolen vehicle in the parking lot at Pickles Gap Village, 315 Highway 65 N. The vehicle was registered as stolen out of Cleburne County. It was released to the owner in good shape. No further action was taken.

• Theft and domestic battery at 10 block of Goss Lane, near Conway.

A man told FCSO he gave permission to his grandson to take scrap metal from his yard, but said his grandson took three iron wheels without his permission and sold them to the scrap yard. The grandson filed a complaint against his grandfather, telling FCSO that his grandfather hit him.

• Theft at 20 block of Arizona Cove, near Conway.

A neighbor of the victim told FCSO she looked out of her home’s window and saw a red truck leaving her neighbor’s residence with her neighbor’s basketball goal in the back of the truck. She knew the family was not at hone and called to ask if they had given someone permission to take it. They had not, and so the woman filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

• Stray dog at 10 block of Fawn Drive, near Conway.

A resident filed a complaint with Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office regarding a black dog that has been at her residence for a week.

The woman said she has been feeding the dog, but she doesn’t want it to stay.

The deputy told the woman FCSO does not have facilities to take the dog, but if she found out who its owner was, FCSO could give the owner a citation for having an animal at large.

• Breaking or entering at 180 block of Highway 365 South, near Conway.

The victim told FCSO an unknown person entered his shop and stole several items, including a hunting vest and turkey call. A gun safe was destroyed, and it appeared the subject attempted to open it. The victim said his shop was not locked.

• Theft at 10 block of Loretta Lane, near Greenbrier.

The victim filed a complaint with FCSO after she says a friend whose home she was visiting in Enders stole her prescription glasses.

According to the report, the victim was visiting the woman, and the woman made an excuse to go to her vehicle. Once the victim left the woman’s residence, she said she noticed two pairs of prescription glasses were missing.

The victim told a deputy she gave the woman one week to return them to her before she filed a police report.

• Theft from a motor vehicle at 6300 block of Marshall River Road, near Conway.

The victim told FCSO someone swapped license plates with the one that was on his vehicle that was in his yard since February.

• Intimidation at 20 block of Robinson Road, near Wooster.

The person reporting told FCSO he was at a nearby residence to check on someone, and the person he was going to check on advised that he should bring a gun because there was an aggressive pit bull outside his house.

The person reporting said he and the other subject were walking to a storage building in the area when the pit bull started charging and growling at them. The person reporting said he shot into the ground in front of the dog to scare it away.

The dog’s owner then reportedly came outside and began yelling and cussing at the two men.

A deputy was called to the area, and one of the men advised the owner’s dogs cause ongoing problems. He said one of the dogs killed a miniature pony.

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