Mayflower Public Schools Superintendent John Gray said on Thursday that there’s not a bullying "problem" at his school.

"Of course bullying happens at schools and whenever it does it should be addressed," Gray said. "We’ve got anti-bullying policies in place and we follow those. … Overall, we’ve got a safe place, and people are happy to go here."

The subject of bullying at Mayflower High School has come to the fore in light of a recently resigned science teacher, Misty Nix, who claims that a vice principal told her to stop using a series of bullying-themed films and projects in her class. Nix told KATV that she was using these materials as part of her data compilation, graphing and critical thinking curriculum, and that the project included a bullying survey that 150 students took part in.

Bullying also came up after a lunch-hour fight on Monday that ended when a student fell or was pushed or thrown off a stage and knocked out. The student was taken by air ambulance to a hospital, but is now said to be at home recovering.

Gray said that at this point in the investigation into the fight there’s nothing to clearly indicate that bullying had anything to do with it.