Conway Police Department performed alcohol compliance checks at 11 locations using a confidential informant, an 18-year-old female who carried an unaltered identification card.

Nine businesses passed compliance checks and refused service to the informant, according to Conway police.

The businesses were Bears Den Pizza, Brick Oven Pizza at Hogan Lane, Cactus Jack’s, The Draft, El Huasteco, Gusano’s, Kings Live Music, Patron and U.S. Pizza.

Pasta Grill on Front Street, and Legends at Back Achers Ranch on College Avenue, failed and were issued citations for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Pasta Grill did not ask the confidential informant for her identification.

A server at Legends asked the informant for her identification and served alcohol to the minor anyway, according to police.

The first offense is a violation with a fine no less than $200 and no more than $500 for the server, and a second or subsequent offence would be a misdemeanor.