As stated in its 2014 Annual Report, clean-up and decoration day for the McNew Cemetery is Saturday, April 26, beginning at 8 a.m. In case of rain, the clean-up will be held on Saturday, May 3.

Regardless of the weather, the Board meeting will be held either at the cemetery or at Centerville United Methodist Church beginning at 10 a.m. Members of the community are encouraged to attend both events.

Spring Break was a little cooler than some might have planned, but was still nice. I am sure there were trips to fantastic places from our community that I have not heard about. The biggest trip I am aware of was Erin, Joseph, Thomas, and Lonnie Shaw attending a birthday party in California for a relative at Disneyland. The pictures showed that everyone had a great time. Darrel and I camped at Sylamore Creek Campground in Mountain View and had a great time with the families of Todd and Kellie Cardin, Jimmy and Libby Bauder, and Michael and Ella Cardin. Saturday was warm enough to wear shorts and we were bundled up from the chilly winds by the time everyone left Tuesday morning. The trip was fun but uneventful except for Madison Cardin and Kaylee Freeman swimming in the creek. The older generation "schooled" Dylan Freeman and Joshua Bauder in horseshoes while August Cardin preferred playing in the dirt and throwing the frisbee. Mountain View was gorgeous and I can’t wait to see when and where we will go next.

Last Sunday at church, there were 19 kids in the front for children’s worship and we again had two girls come to church on horseback. You don’t see that just anywhere!

This Sunday will be the annual "Church at the Farm" held at the home of Tom and Margaret Beasley. We always have our church service on the porch and then have a potluck meal immediately after. Kids run around and play, fish, ride horses, and do whatever they find to do while the adults visit and catch up on what is happening in everyone’s life. If you have been wanting to check out Centerville United Methodist Church, bring a lawn chair and your favorite dish and head on out to 12 Beasley Rd., which is off of Happy Valley Road in Greenbrier.

As always, if you have news for the Centerville community, be sure to email Have a great week!


Don’t forget about the Guy Volunteer Fire Department Fund Raiser at Old Texas Station on April 12 beginning at 4 p.m. in the Community Training Room. Donations will be accepted. 

This community has lost another wonderful person, Patricia (Rainer-Rowlett) Byrd last Saturday. She is the wife of Michael Byrd. Michael you were blessed to find Pat as she was you. She was very happy being your wife. The Lord decided it was her time to go last Saturday. Even though Pat had moved to Greenbrier she was still a part of the Guy Community. She went to school here she helped raise her kids here and she was a great person and friend. Pat always had that beautiful smile on her face and she was always the same when you saw her. She constantly checked on Sandy during any of her surgeries. My kids and her kids all played together when they were little. My heart is overwhelmed with her passing and she will be missed by everyone. She is the mother of Tabitha, Justin and Janet. She did a wonderful job raising the three of you. Your mom was so proud of each of you when she talked about you she was always beaming and she is still proud of you and will always be in your heart and looking down to protect each of you and her precious grandchildren and great-grand babies. Pat we love you and your family and our prayers are with each one of you. We never know when it is going to be our time so we all need to be ready and Pat was ready. Please keep this family in your prayers as they are going through one of the worst realities there is. God gives us only what we can bare and take, but often we wonder how much more he will give you, he has a reason for everything he does so please don’t ever forget that. God be with you all. Also Keep Shelly Cardin and family in your prayers as Pat was a great aunt to Shelly and her family.

Last week was Spring Break, Landon and I went to the movies, bowling, Woolly Hollow, shopping and had some good Nana time. Thursday we went with his PawPaw to look for him a 4-wheeler. We stopped at one place and they supposedly said that had a good deal on one of the pink ones out there in front and needless to say Landon said no way I am not riding a pink 4-wheeler they laughed and said you can spray paint it. He said come on Nana! I just laughed and laughed so we went on to Conway and he got a red one. He is so proud of his ride like his Dad’s. Came up Saturday to ride and he did pretty good on it. He thinks he is a big boy now. Sure did miss my little guy when he went home. Love me some Landon that is for sure. They grow up too soon. He is almost through with kindergarten! Wow! Where does the time go!

Thanks for all the prayers for Sandy Dowdy. She had her second procedures on her right leg the front vein and back vein. Wow she is such a trooper. The left leg looks so much better since the procedure the leg is not as hard as it was or as dark. Looking better every day. The doctor said he wished all his patients was as good as she was he wanted to bottle her up and spread it around. She never flinched or moved much during the whole procedure. I was sitting over in the corner getting a little woozy just watching I don’t like needles.

The Mode Cemetery Board Annual Clean Up Meeting is April 12. The Clean Up will be announced at a later date. 

Sorry I won’t be there because of Special Olympics Area Track Meeting at Conway High School.  The first two weekends in April every year is devoted to my Sandy and Special Olympics and has been for 32 years. This is a family event for us all to come and support her. First weekend is Bocce Tournament and second week is Track and Field. These two Saturday are devoted to her. I haven’t missed a meeting in years.

Please keep the following in your prayers: Wilma Stevenson, David Bearden and family, Mickey and Monta Fortner and family, Mickey and Charlene Fortner and family, Pat Byrd and family, Betty Griffith, Pamela Lane and family, Larry and Joyce Holland of Gravesville and family, and Shelly Cardin family. I know there are more that need prayers so let me know so I can put them on the prayer list.

Have a good weekend and remember to drive safely and not to drink and drive. Send news to contact me on face book call 679-3299 or call me at my mom’s after 6 p.m. in the evenings. Send me news about your Spring Break!


We hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Break with the beautiful sunshine. It seemed like we needed a break from the winter season. The ice and snow are some things we would like to forget for a while. The ice sure did a lot of damage to our highways.

Our son, Danny, watched over his two granddaughters, Shelley and Paige Ponder one day last week. They enjoyed going down to Holland City Park and playing for a while. It was cool but they wrapped up good, hoping they wouldn’t get sick.

Shelley played with her cousin, Trinity Cardin of Conway one day, while Trinity was here visiting her dad, Jason, and grandparents, Lewis Jay and Sandra Cardin, during Spring Break.

We will be having a picnic down at the park soon. We do hope the weather will cooperate. Easter Egg Hunt at Holland City Park at 4 p.m. April 12, followed by supper at 5 p.m. Beans and cornbread. Come and enjoy the fun.

Lola Owen and Ercle Dow of Conway visited Betty Applegate one afternoon last week. Lola and Ercle had also visited with Leeotta and Weldon Ingram of Enola that day. These people have been good friends for a long time.

Jan Smith and daughter, Mitzi Moore, of Little Rock, visited Betty Applegate last Saturday afternoon. They also visited Ray and me for a while.

We wish to extend sympathy to the family of Mr. Wendal Clements of Amarillo, Texas. He was born and raised here in Holland. He still has relatives here. His brother and sister, Glynes Clements and Cecilia Mitts, are members of our church at Oakland Methodist.

The second Sunday in April, our Faulkner County Singing Club will meet with Springhill Baptist Church, please plan to attend.

Elizabeth Johnson of North Little Rock has been visiting friends and relatives in Northern Arkansas, recently.

Bart and Amanda Sellers took their children, Haley, Henry, Charles and Samuel to Branson on Spring Break. Charles, age 11, said, "We are going to see ‘Jonah.’

Please keep praying for our sick and ones who have lost loved ones. If we follow our Savior’s voice, He will lead us to the right path.

Have a good week, and remember to pray for our country and that our elected leaders will remember our Lord, and do His will.