Among the reports filed by the Conway Police Department:

• Breaking or entering a vehicle at 525 Skyline Drive, Cracker Barrel.

An employee told police someone broke into her truck and stole her Coach purse and its contents. She told police she believes she locked her vehicle, but there were no signs of forced entry. The victim said she reviewed the surveillance camera at work and saw a red SUV pull up to her car at noon and open her vehicle’s door.

• Breaking or entering a vehicle at 2000 block of Arkansas Avenue.

The victim told police he was notified by his neighbor who told him someone was "prowling" around his truck. He checked his vehicle and found a chainsaw was missing from the bed of the truck, and a checkbook was missing from inside the truck. The victim told police the vehicle was unlocked.

• Breaking or entering a vehicle at 1300 block of Woodside Drive.

The victim told police while his vehicle was parked at his home, someone entered the vehicle and stole his work laptop and his golf clubs. He said he locks the doors of his vehicle, but he must have gone outside to get something out of the car and left it unlocked.

• Violation of omnibus DWI act at Hogan Lane and Reedy Road intersection.

Police were dispatched to a rollover vehicle accident with a possible injury at the intersection of Hogan Lane and Reedy Road. Upon arrival, an officer noted a subject was sitting down on the walking trail nearby. An ambulance assessed the subject and found he was unharmed. The officer performed field tests on the subject and determined he was intoxicated. The subject was also found to have a suspended license, no proof of insurance and fictitious tags.

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Loss prevention officers advised a male subject ran from the store with stolen property. When the officer responded to the business, the subject approached and he was taken into custody. The subject told police he hid the stolen merchandise at Waffle House. The item was valued at a little over $6, according to the report.

• Motor vehicle theft at 1000 block of McNutt Road.

The victim told police someone stole his Honda motorcycle from his driveway overnight. The victim filed a report one day later that says the motorcycle was returned to his driveway when he was not at home, but the motorcycle now has damage in several areas. The victim told police the side mirrors were broken off, the ignition was cut, the front light bar was missing, the rear blinker was broken, and the paint was scratched.

• Theft of property at 1200 block of Montana Drive.

The victim told police someone stole his lawn mower, backpack leaf blower and a weed eater from his residence.

• Animal welfare call at 120 block of Conway Boulevard.

A woman made a complaint with Conway police because her neighbor’s cat was locked in the bathroom and crying. The noise next door was keeping her awake, according to the report. When police made contact with the neighbor cat owner, he said he put the cat in the bathroom because it was trying to eat his kids’ chicken nuggets he had just bought from McDonald’s. The woman reporting told police she wanted a report to document the incident because no animals are supposed to be in the building due to the rental agreement. The report stated the man removed the cat from the bathroom. "The cat was now in the living room area of the home," the report stated.

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