Among reports recently generated by the Conway Police Department:

• Second-degree battery.

Police were contacted last week after a one-year-old child was taken in at Conway Regional with injuries described as "extensive bruising to her face and what appeared to be a bite mark on her face." The infant was also "vomiting and in and out of consciousness," according to the report. The child was taken to Children’s Hospital ICU. Vomiting and repetitive loss of consciousness are both symptoms that suggest some degree of traumatic brain injury.

• Motor vehicle theft at 375 E. Oak Street (Valero station).

On Sunday morning police got a call from a North Little Rock man using the gas station phone to say that an acquaintance had just stolen his Honda Accord while he was inside paying for gas.

The victim had met the thief, known only to him as "Tez," on the website, which according to the internet is a social media site centered around smartphone video games, and agreed to meet him in Conway.

The investigating officer was able to get a description of the stolen Honda to other officers in the area, and one of these officers found it fairly quickly at the Chapel Ridge apartment complex a few blocks away.

The thief had taken the victim’s wallet, car keys, and his Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.

• Motor vehicle theft at 10 block of Bronnie Lane.

The victim reported that between 4 and 5 p.m. on Thursday a thief or thieves stole his 1994 Chevy pickup, maroon in color, from his workplace parking lot.

• Boat theft at 1200 block of Salem Road.

The victim reported that a thief or thieves had stolen his 15-foot Alumacraft jon boat at some point on Thursday. According to information provided in the report, the thief or thieves probably could have borrowed the boat if they had asked nicely. The boat has a 25-horsepower Mercury and was on a homemade trailer.

• Vehicle break-in at the 500 block of 5th Avenue.

The victim reported that at some point between midnight and noon on Sunday a thief or thieves got into a vehicle and stole a pair of pink-colored Oakley sunglasses and a speaker box with a pair of Kicker 12" speakers and a Kenwood 1000-watt amplifier. They also took all the change in the cupholder.

• Vehicle break-in at 500 Elsinger Blvd.

The victim reported that at some point early Friday afternoon a thief or thieves got into his truck in a hardware store parking lot and stole a number of valuable power tools.

• Residential burglary at 1800 block of Johnston Ave.

The victim reported that at some point between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. last Monday a thief or thieves got into his home and stole a Playstation III.

• Vehicle break-in at the 2700 block of Dave Ward Drive.

The victim reported that at some point between Saturday evening and late Saturday night a thief or thieves got into a vehicle and stole a student’s backpack with their Toshiba touch-screen laptop in it. There were also several textbooks in the backpack that the thief or thieves left strewn about on the parking lot.

• Theft of property at the 3300 block of Nutter Chapel Road.

The victim reported that at some point last week before Thursday night a thief or thieves stole a red Schwinn bicycle with a white seat and broken front brake, a trailer hitch and a yellow exercise ball from a yard.

• Criminal mischief at the 1100 block of Front Street.

At some point late Friday night or early Saturday morning a vandal went on an apparent forklift rampage at a business, driving the thing through a fence and causing a couple hundred dollars worth of damage.

• Vending machine thievery at 350 East Oak Street (Shell station).

An employee reported that at some point late Thursday night or early Friday morning a thief or thieves jimmied open the tire air compressor machine, probably destroying it, and took whatever quarters were in it.

• Public intoxication at 900 block of South German Lane.

Officers responded early Saturday afternoon to reports of a disturbance and found an apparently intoxicated yelling from a car in an apartment complex parking lot.

"It was very difficult to understand a lot of the incoherent verbal tirade that [the man] was on," one officer reported, but it seemed to be directed at an apartment employee who was standing nearby.

The officer went over to the apparently intoxicated man’s car, smelled the odor of suspected intoxicants, and ordered him out of the car, which he eventually did.

According to the report, the man was having trouble remaining upright, but he was eventually put in a patrol car with a full-length back seat and taken to Unit II for detox and on suspicion of disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

• Found property at 1500 block of Clifton Street.

A Conway woman called police mid-morning on Sunday after coming across three purses and various personal items on the side of the road. The woman waited there for a CPD officer to collect the suspected stolen purses, wallets and whatnot. They are being held as evidence/found property at the CPD station.