The state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission has issued a press release regarding its investigation into Faulkner County Circuit Judge Mike Maggio. 

The release says that Maggio is cooperating in the investigation, and that while questions "regarding the timing of future events, as with any litigation, are difficult to answer," we can expect "either a public charging instrument or an agreed sanction to be issued by this office by approximately mid-August, 2014.

Maggio is being represented by attorneys Traci LaCerra and Lauren White Hamilton of the Hilburn Law Firm. 

Maggio is being investigated both for inappropriate and humorless online comments and the disclosure of a private adoption and for allegations of impropriety associated with campaign contributions from state nursing home interests that coincided with his reduction of a jury award in a nursing home negligence case from $5.1 to $1.1 million. 

Also today, Ancil Lea III, who is named as an officer of a political action committee (PAC) that contributed some of the money in question to Maggio's campaign, issued a statement in which he "publicly state[s] that no notification was ever given to me" that he had been designated an officer of the PAC or knew of the funds that passed through it. The PAC in question, along with several others involved in the Maggio contributions, was created by Little Rock attorney Chris Stewart.

"Someone took great liberties with my name without any kind of consent of my own," Lea's statement reads. "I am furious that my name has been associated with these actions. This has been very damaging and hurtful to both my family and me. I understand that others have found themselves in the same situation through similar PAC's (sic) that were created. I have sent a letter to Chris Stewart asking him to remove all records regarding my name with this unauthorized PAC."