The way people search the Internet is about to get a bit wordier. The dot-coms and dot-orgs that are so familiar will soon be joined by an abundance of other ‘right of the dot’ words.

One of which is dot-buzz, a Top Level Domain being sold and marketed by dotStrategy, a Conway-based Internet development company, and The College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas.

The organization that oversees the administration of web sites, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN, defines a Top Level Domain or TLD as "the right-most label in a domain name." Common examples include .com, .net and .org.

Bill Doshier, founder of dotStrategy, Co., of Conway, the accredited registry for the new TLD, .buzz, says the introduction of new TLDs is making it possible for individuals and businesses to get short, meaningful domain names.

"The Internet name space is crowded with the creation of only 22 TLDs in 20 years, there are more than 271 million registered domain names, making it tough to get a good one that’s specific to your business," Doshier said.

Some of the new TLDs already available include .coffee, .nyc and .gallery. Doshier said while some of the new TLDs tend to focus on a specific community or business, he applied to be the accredited registry of .buzz and .fun for their versatility.

"I wanted two generic words that are well-recognized, and what the Internet’s all about," he said.

Two other companies are currently contending for .fun, and it may be another year before an agreement is reached, Doshier said. However, Doshier was the only company to apply for .buzz, which put him on the fast track to "go live," he said.

In a pitch for .buzz, Doshier explained how the TLD can be utilized, "create buzz and you have the ear of the world," he said. "The .buzz registry creates a sustainable, valuable name space for those wanting to show the world what’s happening right now."

The TLD focuses on groups related to communications, public relations, event organizers, social networking, entertainment, start-ups, advertising and marketing and development, Doshier said.

Tuesday, .buzz will be among several new TLDs released to the general public. The public will have the opportunity to register webpages such as, and

"The time is now," Doshier said. "Personal names and geographies will go fast."

Pre-registration is available to everyone and is currently available. It gives one the chance to register the desired domain as quickly as possible once General Availability opens Tuesday at 10 a.m.

To participate in pre-registration, sign up with a national registrar such as or a local one like Pre-registration typically starts at $49.99.

dotStrategy and UCA’s College of Business are celebrating the first TLD to be introduced to the World Wide Web from the state of Arkansas with the First Annual Buzz Bash on the UCA Business Building front lawn from noon to 2:30 p.m.

The Buzz Bash will celebrate the partnership between dotStrategy and the UCA Innovation & Entrepreneurial program, its students and business startups.

Attendees will have the opportunity to register a free .buzz domain name, and start a web page with student exhibitors available to advise attendees on the ins and outs, as well as highs and lows of starting an online business.

Crowbar Russell, star of the Discovery Channel reality series, ‘Clash of the Ozarks’ will also make an appearance to take photos and sign autographs as he is one of the first to secure a .buzz web address.

The domain name "" will be used for a new website that will share news and information about Russell’s endeavors outside the series, and eventually promote and sell merchandise.

Doshier said Russell is a perfect example of how the new TLD can be utilized. Since "" is taken, .buzz has given Russell the opportunity to create excitement around his brand, Doshier said.

Giveaways at Buzz Bash include drawings for t-shirts, Itunes gift cards and the grand prize opportunity of winning one of seven Google Nexus 7 Tablets.

"You can show up simply to shake Crowbar’s hand," Doshier said, "or you can quiz the kids about starting a business, get a domain name and leave with the tools to start your own."

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