Students, alumni and entrepreneurs alike gathered on the lawn of The College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the launch of Arkansas’ first top level domain .buzz.

The organization that oversees the administration of websites, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN, defines a Top Level Domain or TLD as "the right-most label in a domain name." Common examples include .com, .net and .org.

dotStrategy, Co. of Conway, the accredited registry for the new TLD, .buzz, officially released .buzz to the public Tuesday at 10:01 a.m.

Buzz really gives the state of Arkansas a global presence in the domain naming system, said Bill Doshier, founder of dotStrategy.

"This is a product that we sell around the world with 60 registrars who are contracted to sell this name — I have registrars in Europe, Asia as well as the United States, so Buzz in Conway is a lot like saying we’re on the leading edge of what the new Internet is going to be, what the new Internet is going to look like and how we’re going to use that."

Buzz Bash attendees were given a free .buzz domain name registration containing their first and last name for one year — about a $50 value through a national registrar service like

"You’ll have a year to decide what you want to do with it," Doshier said. "If you want to keep it you can or if you want to let it lapse you can, but that’s our gift to you for coming today and supporting this group."

Crowbar Russell and Jimmy Haney, stars of the Discovery Channel reality series, ‘Clash of the Ozarks’ made an appearance to take photos and sign autographs as Russell is one of the first to secure a .buzz web address.

The domain name "" will be used as a new website that will share news and information about Russell’s endeavors outside the series, and eventually promote and sell merchandise.

"We did our hunting and fishing shows for about 15 years," Russell said. "It started out as ‘Ozark Outdoors’ and there got to be so many ‘Ozarks’ and ‘Outdoors’ stuff that we changed it to ‘Arkansas Outlaws,’ and we travel around quit a lot fishing and hunting, but this is a whole new deal," he said. "We’re pretty proud of this deal, and we hope it keeps going."

To secure a .buzz domain name like Russell’s, sign up with a national registrar like or a local registrar such as

"Crowbar has taken on the name "" to launch his latest effort with Arkansas Outlaws," Doshier said, "so that is a great benefit to the Buzz registry, it’s great that two Arkansas guys are working together and we hope that .buzz gives [Russell] the momentum he needs to expand out into the world."

Doshier said while Buzz Bash was a celebration of launching .buzz to the world, it was also more importantly a celebration recognizing the startup community at UCA.

"A lot of people don’t realize it, but we’ve had a number of startup businesses that were developed while students were at UCA that they’ve taken out and continued working on after they’ve graduated," he said. "Likewise we have students that are in UCA studying now who are thinking about starting their own businesses."

As an instructor in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, Doshier has mentored many of the startups at Tuesday’s event.

"That’s what today’s all about, is featuring the buzzing startup community that’s coming out of UCA," Doshier said.

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