Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Fraudulent use of a credit card, Centennial Bank.

The victim found charges totaling $435 on his bank account from unknown locations in Missouri. His account number had been used at Western Union.

• Keys locked in vehicle at 1360 block of McKay Avenue.

A Conway police officer unlocked a vehicle that was running with two small children inside along with the vehicle’s keys. The officer was able to unlock the vehicle so the man could retrieve his grandchildren.

• Theft of property at 620 block of Third Avenue.

A property owner told police someone stole a washer and dryer he left in the yard of a residence that had recently caught fire. Tire tracks led from the road to the south side of the duplex. The tracks had apparently been made after a recent rain due to the depth of the tracks.

• Theft of property at 250 block of South Ash Street.

A man filed a complaint with Conway police after he said a woman he let in his home to call 9-1-1 stole his wallet. According to the Conway Police Department incident report, the woman and her four kids came into his home, and the woman used the victim’s phone while he entertained her kids. After the disturbance was over, the victim found his wallet was missing.

• Breaking or entering a building at 330 block of Oliver Street.

A woman called her husband when she noticed a red bicycle leaning against the wall of her detached carport. The man came home and found the lock on the storage building had been tampered with. The couple called police, and officers instructed the couple to not enter the building in case someone was still inside it. When police arrived, they found a male subject sitting on the floor inside the shed. On his person officers found various items belonging to the couple, including two cell phone chargers, a computer head set, a red ink pen and a deck of playing cards.

The subject told police he entered the storage room to get out of the storm, and he said he thought the property was vacant.

• Motor vehicle theft at 2200 block of Meadowlake Road.

The victim told police someone stole his motorcycle from his parking space between 2 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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