An unidentified young, white man was killed Sunday afternoon after being struck by a train at the intersection of Donaghey Avenue and Tyler Street.  

The Conway Police Department got a call through a 911 dispatch center at about 1:40 p.m. about an accident in which a train hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Donaghey Avenue and Tyler Street, said LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer for the CPD.   

"From what we understand a young, white male was walking alongside the tracks, and eventually he ended up being hit by the train," Woodruff said.

The young man’s name is not being released at this point. CPD is trying to notify his next of kin.

"At this point we are trying to make notification to that young man’s family, and our investigators are working on this to see exactly what happened."

Whether the incident was an accident or intentional is still under investigation, Woodruff said.

"We just don’t know that at this point," she said.

It is unclear if the young man was pronounced dead immediately following the incident, but he was pronounced dead at the scene where the train was stopped, approximately 4,000 feet from where the accident occurred, Woodruff said.

"Again, he was struck at Donaghey and Tyler and traveled with the train a ways down to about Salem and Meadowlake, and that’s where we are now—that’s really part of our scene," Woodruff said.

It is unknown at this time how fast the train was traveling at the time of the accident, Woodruff said, but it is a factor in the investigation.

The train involved in the accident is of the Union Pacific Corp.  

"The Conway Police Department will be the lead on this investigation, but obviously since it was a Union Pacific train, their police will also be involved," Woodruff said. "We’ll have to work closely together on this to figure out exactly what happened."

At this point in the investigation, it seems the young man was alone at the time of the accident, Woodruff said.

"We have not spoken to anyone who was said to be with him when this accident occurred," she said.

Woodruff said an accident like this is very unusual in Conway.

"It’s very disheartening for someone to lose their life in this manner," she said. "We are celebrating Easter Sunday right now, and a lot of people are at home celebrating with family and going to church and things like that, so to get some news like this that someone lost their life so tragically is very, very unfortunate."