Among the reports filed by the Conway Police Department:

• Burglary at 500 block of 5th Avenue.

Police met with the victim at her residence. She told officers everything was fine at 8 a.m. When she came back from work at 12:30 p.m., she said she saw the door kicked in. Police noted damage done to the door and the frame. The victim noted that the only thing taken was a jewelry box with jewelry worth about $1,520. Of that amount, two rings were the most valuable, with their combined value at about $1,400. Police said they could not find any identifiable fingerprints for evidence.

• Destruction of property at 1900 block of Henry Street.

Police contacted the complainant, who said she found her neighbor’s son trying to pull off the window screen of her residence. She said she went to her neighbor, but the woman said the neighbor didn’t seem concerned, saying the boy "must be bored." The woman told police she had never talked to her neighbors before the incident. She filed a report so the apartment manager could have one on file.

• Terroristic threatening at 1100 block of Prairie Street.

The complainant told police that he was waiting on his basketball coach at Fred’s on Oak Street when he was approached by the suspect, who told the boy, "I’m already looking for that broke arm motherf***er, and I can beat up one more."

The boy said he believed the suspect was referring to the boy’s friend, and he believed he was the "one more."

The complainant said the incident was in reference to arguments and fights at the bus stop involving the suspect’s son.

When police spoke with the suspect, he stated that his two sons were being bullied by the complainant and his "gang." When asked about the confrontation, he stated he never confronted the boy and didn’t even know who he was. He said he had spoken with another boy, who police determined was the "broke arm motherf***er," only to get him to tell his parents that he wanted to talk to them about the fights between their children. Police advised the father to no longer have any contact with either boy.

• Shoplifting at 1100 block of Skyline Drive.

Police were dispatched to Walmart on a report of a shoplifter who fled the scene. The description was given of a white male wearing a red shirt, jeans and a hat getting into a vehicle with temporary tags that had driven around to the back of the building. Employees saw the suspect take clothing from the store, and when he walked past the exit, they yelled at him to stop. He ran to the side of the store and got into the vehicle. Screenshots were made for the police.

• Forgery at 200 block of Oak Street.

An employee at Taco Bell told police that a customer had been given a $10 bill as change. The customer returned to the counter later and stated that the bill was fake. The forged bill was taken by the manager on duty. The employee was unable to provide descriptions of the original customer or the customer who brought the bill back.