Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Motor vehicle theft at 200 block of Oak Street.

A Van Buren County man left his car, a 1977 Mercedes 240D sedan, light tan in color, in the parking lot near Ed’s Bakery on Saturday and went with someone else on a trip out of state. When he returned, the Mercedes was gone.

The vehicle is described as having a light brown interior, but the front and rear seats have been replaced with similar-vintage Mercedes seats covered in blue leather. It also has its original wheels and its original four-speed manual gearbox. The car is also described as very clean, with a slight rust "blister" beneath the paint at the bottom of a rear quarter panel.

• Theft of property at 1200 block of Harton Street.

A resident reported that a thief or thieves had gotten into his backyard on April 16 and stolen an old string trimmer that he was using for parts. In response, the man put all of his tools and equipment into a toolshed. On Monday, the man discovered that a thief or thieves had found their way into the toolshed also, and had stolen a Raleigh lawnmower, two string trimmers (one Ryobi the other unknown), a Black and Decker jigsaw, a set of Craftsman ratchets and wrenches and a Black and Decker cordless drill/driver.

• Theft of property at 1600 block of South German Lane.

At some point before Friday, a thief or thieves stole a 5’ by 10’ utility trailer, single axle, with a drop gate and wooden cargo floor. The trailer was stolen from a church.

• Theft of property at 100 block of Lower Ridge Road.

At some point between Thursday evening and early Tuesday morning a thief or thieves stole a Troy-Bilt power washer from a mental health recovery and support facility.

• Forgery.

On Monday a Conway man noticed something "off" about a $100 bill he’d gotten from a Little Rock bank. The man called Conway police and brought the bill in to be checked out. A CPD officer couldn’t spot the telltale anti-forgery measures that should have been printed into the bill and advised the man to follow up with Little Rock police.

• Public intoxication at 2500 block of Donaghey Avenue.

Restaurant workers declined to serve a beer to a man who came in smelling of mouthwash and apparently intoxicated early Monday evening. The man became upset and restaurant workers called police. When officers arrived, they were told that the man had walked out of the restaurant, but officers found him nearby. The officers also smelled mouthwash on the man, according to the report, and couldn’t understand him when he tried to talk. He was taken into custody on suspicion of public intoxication.

• Public intoxication at 1100 block of East Oak Street.

Just past midnight, at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, a man disagreed with a $160 bar tab and was causing a disturbance. An officer was called, and the man explained to the officer that it was "un-American and a democracy to cut someone off!," according to the officer’s report, and also that restaurant staff could not judge him.

The officers got the man to sign off on his tab and it was agreed that if an officer would drive him to his hotel across the street he would retire for the night, but he was warned that any further mischief or outbursts would mean arrest for suspected public intoxication.

It was all working out, according to the report, when, as the man was walking away from the officers and toward his room, "he stopped, and turned and yelled, ‘[Expletive verb] you, you un-American [expletive adjective] terrorist!,’" according to the report. The man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.