Two lightning strike victims were transported to Little Rock and two others were being treated at Conway Regional Medical Center Thursday evening after a bolt struck a natural gas well operation near Woolley Hollow State Park.

Conway Regional spokeswoman Lori Ross said at press time that the two who were transported to Conway Regional suffered first- and second-degree burns and are in stable condition.

The four were working at a natural gas well site near Fairview and Herring Roads, according to Southwestern Energy communication specialist Christine Fowler.

They were among six workers at a workover rig, Fowler said, and had stopped for a period due to the storm.

It looked like the storm had passed and they went back to work, then lightning struck, she said.

All four of the victims are contract workers with a vendor service company and are not Southwestern Energy employees, according to Fowler.

Radio traffic indicated that one victim was "red," two were "yellow" and one was "green."

Triage codes in mass casualty situations classify "red" as the most severe injury, yellow as needing medical attention but not in immediate danger of death and "green" as injured and needing treatment but not in danger of death.