On Thursday, May 1, the Conway Ministerial Alliance will observe the National Day of Prayer at 11:45 a.m. at Faulkner County Courthouse front lawn with a prayer service.

Dr. Quentin Washispack, organizer of the prayer time stated, "The theme, ‘One Voice, United in Prayer,’ is based on the verse Romans 15:6. We encourage everyone to take time to be involved in this prayer meeting."

The prayer agenda includes:

America the Beautiful (Bag Pipe): Roy Eggensperger

Introduction: Senator Stanley Russ

Songs: Conway Christian Choir, Donna Bradley

Opening Prayer: Dr. Quentin Washispack, New Life Church

Prayer for Government: Sen. Jason Rapert

Prayer for Media: Cornell Maltbia, True Holiness

Prayer for Education: Terry Kimbrow Central Baptist College

Prayer for Church: Anthony Hendricks, Mosaic Church

Prayer for Conway: Tim Britton

Prayer for Family: Daniel Tyler

Prayer for Those in Elected Offices: Mark Dance, Second Baptist

Prayer for Those in Armed Forces: Judge David Clark

Worship songs: Ben Ghormley, New Life

Prayer Directives & Groups: Randy Lewis, Four Winds

Closing: Dr. Greg Murry, Superintendent Conway Schools

If you have any questions or want to be involved contact Dr. Washispack or doctorqjw@gmail.com.