The sushi revolution is coming to the Village at Hendrix Monday.

How Do You Roll? was founded in Austin, Texas in 2008 by brothers Yuen and Peter Yung leading the sushi revolution as the first fast- casual, customizable sushi restaurant.

HDYR? takes the concept of a traditional sandwich artist and turns them into a "sushi roller," thus creating the customizable sushi experience.

The franchise gained unprecedented popularity after the brothers appeared on the reality TV series Shark Tank in 2013.

HDYR? was recently included on the Austin A-List as one of Austin’s hottest and fastest growing startups by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and South by Southwest Interactive.

Among the hundreds of franchisees is a mix of six business partners from Arkansas: who call themselves Rock Roll, LLC.

The partners and friends have come together to open Arkansas’ first customizable sushi franchise HDYR? in the Village at Hendrix.

The Conway location will be the first in the franchise to include a full bar. Professional mixologists created ten signature drinks exclusively for the restaurant such as Ninja-Tini, Sake Spiked Lemonade and Samurai Whiskey Sour.

The franchise’s newly expanded menu will also be available at Monday’s opening including stuffed avocados, additional signature rolls and new salad and noodle bowl options.

The re-vamped menu even includes a Chicken and Waffle sushi cone complete with bacon bits and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Although the Chicken and Waffle sushi cone may be one of the more unusual choices, the menu is geared for people with healthy lifestyles and diets with Gluten Free and Vegan options available.

Their mission is "Making the World Better, One Stomach at a Time." The phrase is printed in bold lettering across the side of the bar, as is the phrase "We Don’t Judge" upon entering the restaurant and approaching the counter.

If someone wants grilled chicken in their sushi roll or shrimp in their udon bowl, go for it, says General Manager Aaron Anderson because HDYR? doesn’t judge. The company celebrates freedom of choice and expressionism from the protein in a sushi roll to the option of sauce on top.

This company attitude comes from Chief Operating Officer Peter Yung who saw opening HDYR? as an opportunity to "break away from the staunch traditionalism and pretentious atmosphere of fine dining sushi."

With an affordable price point and options to please all tastes, HDYR is aiming to make sushi available for the whole family. A meal consisting of a six piece sushi roll and fountain drink will cost an average of $8 to $11.

Peter will be at the official opening Monday. Peter’s brother and HDYR? CEO Yuen Yung will be at the restaurant to meet and greet customers on May 7 from 7-9 p.m. for a CEO Meet & Greet at Arkansas’ first HDYR location.

The restaurant is giving out scratch off tickets during opening week for the chance to win food and drink prizes.

Rock Roll, LLC is currently working to implement the first HDYR? app that would enable customers to come in, sit down and order food from their smartphones or tablets.

"The company is constantly evolving into something better and more efficient to improve customer experience," Anderson said.

The owners and operators invite customer feedback at

Customers are welcome to email suggestions on how we can better tie our concept into the community, Anderson said.

Rock Roll LLC holds the HDYR? franchise agreement for the entire state of Arkansas, and is looking to open its next location in Little Rock.