Twelve tornado victims were transferred to Little Rock hospitals from Conway Regional Medical Center after severe storms hit Central Arkansas Sunday night.

Patients were transferred by ambulance and MedFlight helicopter, said Conway Regional spokeswoman Lori Ross. "Some of those were head trauma victims," she said.

Patients were taken to St. Vincents, Baptist Health Medical Center, Arkansas Children’s Hospital and UAMS.

A total of nine severe storm victims were admitted to Conway Regional.

Two of those nine went straight to emergency surgery, Ross said. Three of the nine are in serious condition, and the remaining six are in fair condition, she said.

Serious condition means the patient is acutely ill, and indicators are questionable; vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits.

Fair condition means the patient is conscious, but may be uncomfortable; indicators are favorable, and vital signs are within normal limits.

The medical center treated about 100 patients Sunday night, Ross said. Of those 100 it is unknown which were carried by MEMS ambulance and which arrived by personal vehicle, she said.

Storm victims were using tree limbs and debris to stabilize injuries, Ross said.

"A man arrived in the back of a truck, strapped to a door," she said.

Doctors treated a wide range of injuries from code blue cardiac arrest and head trauma to broken bones and minor lacerations, Ross said.

The hospital was operating in code red with all emergency personnel on hand.

Three triage centers were set up throughout the hospital with one at the ER, another at the fast track minor emergency area and a third near a surgical center.

"We received calls from all over the country from people asking if their family member was here," Ross said. "I had one woman call me from Washington looking for her dad."

Today, the medical center is expecting the walking wounded or victims with minor injuries to start making their way to the hospital.

One walking wounded patient has arrived so far, Ross said.

No deaths have been reported from Conway Regional at this time, Ross said.

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