MAYFLOWER — The beginnings of the cleanup of Mayflower were underway on Tuesday.

At almost every destroyed or damaged home in the River Plantation subdivision, residents, friends and volunteers were sorting through the wreckage and starting to put what they could in order. One resident was overheard talking about a cookout some residents were planning later Tuesday evening.

The power is back on for the west side of town, Mayor Randy Holland said. Along the highway electric utility trucks were working on power lines.

Center Street is still not cleared of debris, Holland said, but most of the other roads in Mayflower are. The water is back on for most of the town, though the boil order remains in effect.

Holland said that Mayflower has been challenged before, in a different way, with the oil spill about a year ago. He said he had faith that the people of Mayflower would "pick themselves up and go forward after this disaster."

Three people were killed in Mayflower. Helen Greer, 72, was killed in the River Plantation subdivision; 51-year-old Mark Bradley was killed on Fortner Road, between Highway 365 and I-40, and 82-year-old Robert Oliver was killed on Dam Road at the south end of Lake Conway.

Large-scale professional disaster cleanup crews are expected to start arriving later this week.

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