A Conway School District school bus ran off Gap View Road and into a ditch behind Pickles Gap Village Tuesday at about 5 p.m.

Jessica Hoffman owns the home at 27 Gap View Road, adjacent from the accident and witnessed the incident.

The school bus failed to yield when it approached a work zone where a tree service was set up cutting tree limbs away from power lines, Hoffman said.

"The bus driver flies through here every afternoon," she said.

ABC Professional Tree Services groundman Jeremy Clark said the bus was going at least 45-50 miles per hour when it went through the work zone.

The speed limit for Gap View Road is 30 miles per hour. ABC had several orange cones set up around the work site and appropriate signage indicating workers were present.

When the bus rolled into the ditch, Hoffman said she, her neighbors and the tree service crew ran to the bus, opened the back door and formed an assembly line to start helping kids off the bus.

About 12-15 kids ranging in ages from nine to 15 were on the bus at the time of the accident, Hoffman said.

None of the kids had visible injuries, Hoffman said, but appeared "shaken."

Most of the kids walked down the road to their homes, she said, and parents picked two up.

A wrecker service was called to pull the bus out of the ditch, Clark said.

ABC Professional Tree Services of Malvern is in town to help with disaster relief after Sunday’s tornado caused mass devastation in the communities of Mayflower and Vilonia.

"We’re supposed to be here for Mayflower and Vilonia," Clark said, "but they won’t let anyone in yet, so we’re doing this."

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