"When it was over, it got really quiet," Amanda Robertson said.

Robertson, of Conway, is a single mom to two daughters. She was at her parent’s house at 110 Dam Road in Mayflower when the storm hit Sunday night.

Robertson’s oldest daughter Mallory, 9, was safe at church in Morgan, Ark. with Robertson’s mother Connie Robertson.

Her youngest daughter Maddie, 5, however, was in Mayflower.

"I remember praying the whole time and holding on to Maddie," Robertson said.

Robertson caught a glimpse of the news warning Mayflower residents that the tornado was coming their way as she and her father Leon Robertson grabbed Maddie and headed for a hallway with no windows.

"You could hear it coming," Robertson said, "so we pulled a mattress on top of us."

With the three of them huddled against a wall, underneath a mattress, everything began crashing around them.

"My dad said the floor was ripped out from under us, but I don’t remember that," Robertson said.

In a matter of minutes, it was over, and everything was quite.

"All I could see was pink insulation and there was a marble tub from the bathroom on top of us," Robertson said.

They called 911 and screamed for help. Robertson covered Maddie’s head with a blanket to keep her calm.

"They finally got us out of there," Robertson said. It seemed like it was forever, she said, but it may only have been about five to ten minutes.

When the Robertsons emerged from their place of refuge they realized their home and their vehicles were gone.

"There are people who are far worse — that have lost their homes, their lives," Robertson said. "I’m so grateful."

The Robertsons walked away with a few cuts and bruises, but no serious injuries. Dam Road was one of the hardest hit areas. Robert Oliver, 82, one of the victims of the tornado, lived just down the street.

"It was an act of God," Robertson said. "Everything can be replaced; we’re happy to all be here."

Great Clips owners Geoss and Maury Quo have placed collection boxes in each of their salons, and are hosting a hair cutting blitz Saturday and Sunday night with the help of their stylists to raise money for the Robertson family.

"Geoss and Maury are really caring owners who care a lot about their employees, and they decided to start this program for [Robertson]," said Hayley Stewart assistant manager at Great Clips in Conway Commons.

Robertson has been a stylist with Great Clips salon in Conway Commons for the past three years.

"We wanted to do this for [Robertson] because we think of each other as sisters," Stewart said. "All of us who work there have stepped up to volunteer our time in her time of need."

All proceeds from haircuts including tips Saturday and Sunday night will go to the Robertson family at an event called Community Clips.

Community Clips will be 6-8 p.m. Saturday and 5-8 p.m. Sunday at Great Clips in Conway Commons at 467 Elsinger Blvd. Regular price haircuts are $13. Child and senior haircuts are $10.

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