A medical team with a Baptist Health mobile unit is treating tornado relief workers and residents with minor injuries out of a parking lot on Main Street in Vilonia.

Volunteer personnel from Baptist Health and Vilonia Medical Clinic are equipped to handle typical injuries sustained in the cleanup effort, such as punctures, sprains, scrapes, lacerations and blisters.

Doctors and medical staff also reported seeing some head injuries and administering more than 40 tetanus shots since Sunday’s tornado.

The team, Dr. Gina McNew and her staff, and Dr. Chris Pittman and other volunteers from Baptist Health Family Clinic-West out of Little Rock, reported treating 50 to 60 patients per day.

Before lunch on Thursday, the group was readying medical and wound supplies to take into the field.

Bandages and ice packs were being loaded.

"Some people aren’t coming here because they want to keep working," Pittman said.

McNew added that they know there are more injured people in the area, but they don’t seem to want to stop working long enough to be treated.

The group has seen residents, local and out of state volunteers, police officers and construction workers.

They have personal kits with toothbrushes, soap, sunscreen and bug spray for any who are in need.

Joni Beratto, medical assistant, and Jennifer Shelton, care coordinator and registered dietician, were also on site Thursday.

McNew said she expects to see patients out of the unit into next week.