On Sunday Marcus Patterson, who lives in a subdivision in Mayflower, which was declared a disaster area due to the tornado that hit Faulkner County April 27, reported to Hwy. Patrol Officer Joy Bean that a man loaded his son’s four-wheeler onto a black trailer.

Patterson reported that he confronted the man and told him that he owned the four-wheeler and he needed to unload it. The man unloaded the four-wheeler, but before he left, Patterson asked his name to which he replied John Smith and claimed to be with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department.

Faulkner County Sheriff Investigators made contact with David Griffin sitting in his vehicle. Griffin told investigators, he was taking the four-wheeler to find who the owner was. Griffin said he was just trying to help out.

Griffin had a permit to assist in one area of the subdivision. However, Patterson’s home is over half a mile from where his permit is assigned.

David Griffin was arrested without incident and held with no bond for the following:

Charge 1: A.C.A. 5-36-103, Theft of Property, Class C Felony

Charge 2: A.C.A. 5-37-208, Criminal Impersonation, Class A Misdemeanor

Charge 3: A.C.A. 5-39-203, Criminal Trespass, Class C Misdemeanor