On Saturday, May 3, the H & W Store on Hwy. 225 East held a "Remember When" event from 10 a.m. until noon. The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for past and present folks of the community to share their stories of their lives and their memories of the Centerville community. The respected guests were served coffee and light refreshments to enjoy as they gathered around the round table at the store and visit. Doyle Jolly, Jackie and Dee Hosman, Connie Weir and daughter, Elbert and Raymond Sublett participated in the March session. Gail West has also asked that if you have names of other senior men and women who are the foundation of the Centerville community, call 679-4043, and let her know so they can be invited to the next session.

The second Sunday in May is always singing day at Centerville United Methodist; so, keep that in mind. We have some young folks practicing for this 1:30 p.m. event, and we hope to see you at this Faulkner County Club singing.

Please be in prayer for the families that were affected by last week’s storms. My heart has been heavy all week just thinking about how the lives of so many folks were changed forever. Love your family, neighbors, and friends today because we never know what tomorrow might bring.

Shady Grove

I am starting this column with many mixed emotions. First, my heart is heavy for all of our neighbors in Vilonia and Mayflower who have been affected by the recent tornado. I cannot imagine the total devastation that this tragic event has had on those personally involved. All I can do is pray for everyone. At my age I cannot physically help with all of the clean-up and restoration. I wish I could, I would be there every day. We drove through Mayflower on I-40 last week and just got a glimpse of the horror of the situation. I was out of the country when it happened and only got a few detailed reports via Facebook. So sad for all involved.

Our community sends our condolences to the family of Eula Holley who passed away. Also to the family of Bro. Craig Branham, who was pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church several years ago. His services were held at Bethlehem and was laid to rest in Bethlehem Cemetery next to his late son.

Now on a lighter tone, you have to read about my latest "vacation." Mike, Susan, Tyler, and Scott Cavin and I left last Saturday, April 26, for an amazing vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. (The Excellence Resort was actually a hour drive by bus from the airport in Punta Cana.) The highlight of the vacation was the wedding of their daughter and my granddaughter, Chelsey Cavin, to Christopher Groh. The wedding took place on the beach at the Excellence Resort on Monday afternoon with her brother, Scott Cavin, officiating. Her matron of honor was Heather Grooms Cole, formerly of Greenbrier. In total there were 23 family members and friends from both families present for the occasion. We all spent most of our day time at the pool which wound around for about 500 feet in length. Chelsey’s room was poolside, so she would get up early and stake out a place for us so we could all be together in one area of the pool. Most of my time was spent just relaxing under a cabana in the shade. We would all meet in the evening and groups would split up and go to dinner. There were lots of various restaurants located in the resort, so there was no shortage of eating places. The best part of the eating arrangements was, this was an all inclusive resort so all food was paid for up front with the package. Just walk in, be seated, eat, and leave. All beach side beverages and food the same way, pizza was delivered around the pool at noon without having to order. After dinner there was always things to do and entertainment provided. We did not do much on the beach, as swimming in the ocean was highly discouraged because of the strong tide and undertow. Needless to say, we were not ready to leave, but Tyler had to be back for finals on Thursday, so it was a short vacation, but amazing.