Faulkner County held a memorial service for fallen law enforcement officers on Tuesday.

Two officers died in the line of duty in 2013: CPD Officer William McGary and FCSO Deputy Hans Fifer.

Among the speakers were Mayor Tab Townsell, who commended officers for keeping the peace "in the midst of personal, social and natural disasters," and reminded the public that police face serious injury or death at all times.

20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland also spoke, analogizing law enforcement officers to sheepdogs protecting the public from "wolves."

Roses were placed at pictures of the county’s eight officers who have died in the line of duty, and the Conway Fire Department bagpipes and drums team played Amazing Grace.

The other officers who have died in the line of duty are FCSO Detective Jimmy Wooley, 2003; CPD Patrolman Ray Noblitt, 1988; CPD Patrolman Barry McDaniel, 1982; CPD Patrolman Bob Martin, 1981; FCSO Deputy William Hathaway, 1931; and FCSO Deputy Oscar Honea, 1914.