Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Second-degree battery at 1200 block of Front Street.

A Heber Springs man in his late 40s was arrested after allegedly beating a young Conway woman’s car with a hammer, then hitting her with another one.

According to the report, the man took issue with where the woman had parked, and after he broke his first hammer beating on the car he got another one and hit the woman in the head with it.

MEMS checked out the woman, and a friend took her to the ER to make sure she was okay.

• Commercial burglary at 1120 East German Lane (Harp’s).

At about 10:45 Friday night, security cameras captured a would-be thief described as "an older white male wearing blue jeans and a denim shirt" trying to smash the pharmacy drive-through window with a hammer — and failing at it. He gave up and walked away.

• Vehicle break-in at 1600 block of Trison Lane.

A resident reported that at some point between late Sunday night and around 7 a.m. on Monday a thief or thieves got into his truck and stole $2,000 in folding cash, $800 in coins and a Kimber Gold Match II 1911-pattern handgun. 

• Drunken, insane or disorderly person at 1100 block of Skyline Drive.

At around 1:20 a.m. on Monday a man threw a chair through the (first floor) window of his motel room and jumped out, fleeing to Walmart in his pajama pants and socks. There he later told police "several different stories of events that were not going to be validated," the reporting officer states in his report. He was arrested for a Counseling Associates mental evaluation.

• Theft of property by fraud.

An independent car dealer sold a man a silver 2000 Accord Coupe and took a $4,800 bank draft. The draft turned out to be bogus and the "customer" had vanished.

• Vehicle break-in at 400 block of Grandview Heights Drive.

At some point late Sunday night or early Monday morning a thief or thieves got into two cars and stole a Kelty-brand backpack, a flashlight, some sunglasses, and several "koozies."

• Animal welfare at I-40 and Highway 25.

An officer was dispatched to reports of a wounded deer at the Highway 25 interchange at around 7:30 Monday morning. The deer ran into the I-40 median and collapsed, and the officer was able to euthanize it with his service pistol.

• Found property at 200 block of Skyline Drive.

A resident found a credit card in the Towne Centre shopping center parking lot and, rather than use it, they turned it in to police. 

• DWI/resisting arrest at 800 block of East Oak Street.

At around 4 a.m. on Saturday police found a unresponsive man in a parked car at a gas station. They were able to get the door open, and the man woke up. As one officer reached in to get keys, "the subject puked on my arm." Eventually the puke was mostly cleaned off and the allegedly combative man was handcuffed after a number of "knee strikes to the common peroneal nerve of [the man’s] left thigh." 

• Theft of property at 500 block of Factory Street.

At some point late Thursday night or on Friday a girl’s bicycle — a pink girl’s bicycle — was stolen from her grandfather’s carport because she’d forgotten to lock it up.

However, on Sunday an anonymous caller reported noticing a pink bicycle in some bushes while she was driving home from a grocery store. The officer found the bicycle and returned it to the girl, and everything worked out okay.