New Beginning Church

We all will face a champion, someone with the power to try and defeat us, but with God’s help that champion can be defeated and you can become an overcomer. Our message this past Sunday was titled "The Campion." Taken from 1 Samuel 17:3-30. Pastor Bob brought out the things that can take control of our life if we let it. They are champions of what they are good at. But God is in control and champion over everything and He can help us with what ever we face in our lives. Goliath was a champion but little David with the help of the Lord was able to kill the Goliath. We all can be a little David and call upon the Lord to help fight our battles.

New Beginning Church would like to wish all mothers, this coming Sunday a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day. We will have our morning service and dismiss the evening service so everyone can enjoy the time they need to be with their families.

Prayers go out for Royce and Edith Johnson, Techler Clark, Ann Veazey, my brother-in-law Elton Brown who is facing surgery for cancer and for the family. Also for JR Reagan, Dewana Eldridge and her family and for the lost. We all have family members and friends who needs our prayers everyday.

Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30 for a study on righteousness. This week I will be talking about the lust of the eye.

"Throughout the ages no nation has ever had a better friend than the mother who taught her children to pray."