Don’t forget the annual singing at Centerville UMC tomorrow, May 11. Things start at 1:30 p.m., and we have several young folks who will join in directing these gospel songs. Parents, grandparents, and all other relatives of these aspiring singers will want to be there.

The Faulkner County Singing Club meets at Centerville each second Sunday in May, and it will again be in charge tomorrow. Singers and visitors from multiple counties are expected to participate in this more-than-century-old event, and everyone is invited.

Zane Golden and Kaylee Freeman went with the 7th grade Archery Team to Louisville, Ky., on Thursday to compete in the national tournament. This is the first time a team from Greenbrier that has competed nationally and we are quite proud of them. Teresa Golden, Jennifer Freeman, and Sarah Jerry served as sponsors for the trip and had a great time.

The temperatures are getting warmer as summer approaches and people are spending more of their time outside. Centerville United Methodist Church took advantage of the weather last Sunday to get the community garden planted. There were plenty of laborers and supervisors to get the job done and we are hoping that we have a good crop this year.

Please be safe this week and let me know if you have news for the Centerville portion of the paper by emailing

Guy News

I apologize for no news last week.

Last week was a busy week for everyone. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of the tornado over a week ago! What a nightmare for all! But what a great response, we Arkansas people can do to help the fellow man kind when in need. I have always said we live in God’s Country and Arkansas is a great state to live in and Faulkner County is even better to call home to many, many wonderful people.

Our law enforcement, volunteers and everyone came out to help and are still helping. Let’s not forget that these people still need help there is still more work to be done it is not over. Many, many lives are still in uproars and need all the help and prayers we can give.

I was busy last week getting things ready for Sandy’s hospital stay. We had the pacemaker on Wednesday in Little Rock at St. Vincent Hospital. It was a great success. Sandy still has some precautions but we don’t predict any more heart surgeries HIPPY HIPPY Hurah! Sandy and Jerry are my life line as most of you know! Sandy, had to go back to the wound doctor this week another place popped up as we were getting ready to leave the hospital but is healing.

Please keep in prayers Joyce Jones, she is improving at UAMS great news. Darby Grimes had surgery at UAMS and came home this past Wednesday. He is doing good. Pamela Lane is under going treatments for cancer. Mickey and Charlene Fortner are waiting to see a neurologist, Mickey and Monta Fornter, Wayne Stevenson, Clark and Linda Stevenson. And there are many more out there that need prayers from all of us.

The Guy Peach Festival Committee had a meeting last week and we are preparing for the annual Peach Feast Celebration in July. If you know of someone that would like to be a sponsor please contact City Hall.

We need sponsors in order to be able to make this a successful event. We are a non profit and need funds to operate. This was a great time for all and to show off our little town with a great big heart.

Thank you to Jerry Dowdy, Doris Watkins and Diane Remus for being there with us during Sandy’s pacemaker and all the phone calls, texts, Facebook message were appreciated. Sue Clay, Kathy Gronke from coming to visit Sandy at my house. I know everyone was busy and we do appreciate the ones that took time to come and that we heard from.

Landon Dowdy hit is first home run this past Monday night in baseball I don’t know who was the most excited, him, his dad mom or me. He hit the ball went to second they over threw it to first, he went to second on his way to third they threw to out field and home he came. He ran to that plate and stomped his foot and looked right at me and said NANA I made a real home run!!! just grinning from year to year! And they actually won the ball game!

Craft sale at school this Saturday, May 10, for a fund raiser for a scholarship for a senior at Guy-Perkins High School. This is organized by the staff of Guy-Perkins Association. Come out and support this great cause.

Have a great week and please don’t drink and drive. Send me news at or call me or leave a message on Facebook.


Last Sunday night, April 27, many people were in storm shelters, while others were in church, and still others were at home not able to go to a shelter. The weather forecaster had been warning us that a tornado was coming and get ready for it.

One person said Vilonia and Mayflower looked like a war zone. It was unbelievable to see a whole town destroyed, only a few houses were left standing at Vilonia. A new school flattened, just now ready to use.

It’s also wonderful how people and organizations have banded together to help and do everything they possibly can to help.

We extend sympathy to the family of Bro. Craig Branham of Bentonville and CBC in Conway. His funeral and burial was Friday, May 2, at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Greenbrier.

Our bother-in-law, Bro. Marvin Loyd, preached the sermon. He and my sister, Helen Dean, visited us a while before returning home. They spent the night before visitation, May 1, with sister, Mary Ruth and Roy Montgomery, at Greenbrier.

We also wish to express sympathy to the family of Mrs. Lela Robertson of Conway. She is the mother of our former daughter-in-law, Darlene Goff; grandmother of Lori Ponder and her daughters, Shelley and Paige Ponder and Taylor Vaughan, and son, Alexander Ray. Her funeral was at Roller-McNutt Funeral Home Chapel in Conway, and burial at Atkins on May 6.

Glen and Doris Henderson of Naylor took Ray and me out to eat recently, celebrating our birthdays. On April 30, we two couples celebrated our wedding anniversaries. We’ve been married 65 years, and they have been married 64 years.

Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 p.m., Centerville United Methodist Church will have its homecoming. The public is invited. The church is located northeast of Greenbrier.

Plans are also being made for the Faulkner County Singing Convention, which will be held July 25-26 at LifeSong Baptist Church in Greenbrier. It will be here before we know it.

Pray for the people and workers at Vilonia and Mayflower, and pray for our country, and the sick that you know of.