Master Principal


Tammy Woosley was named the principal at Theodore Jones Elementary in Conway in 2008. Woosley holds both a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Science from the University of Central Arkansas at Conway, an Education Specialist from Arkansas Tech University at Russellville and is currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership. In 2013, Jones Elementary was identified by the Office for Education Policy at the University of Arkansas as a school "Beating the Odds: High Achieving Schools Serving Low Income Communities."

"Developing principals with the talent to lead complex organizations requires giving them a broad range of leadership experiences along the way," ALA Director David Cook said. "This rigorous, four-year program enables these school leaders to enhance and accelerate student and adult learning. I commend these principals for being dedicated to their students, teachers and learning communities. I also want to thank the Arkansas Legislature, the Arkansas Department of Education, and the academy’s partners for their support and vision in building the leadership capacity of principals across our great state."

Phase I of the Master Principal Program is open to all school principals who have at least one year of experience and the support and permission of their superintendents to participate. Principals from across the state meet during the year in four multi-day sessions for intense study while applying the learning from those sessions in their schools throughout the year.

Admission to the second phase of the program requires submission of a portfolio documenting the application of the lessons learned from the first phase and the results of that work to improve student and adult learning in the school.

To be admitted to the third phase, principals must complete a rigorous application process that includes evidence of their impact on education at the district, state and regional levels. These portfolios are evaluated by stakeholders in education from Arkansas as well as from out of state. Scorers receive training through the Arkansas Leadership Academy.

After successful completion of all three phases, principals may choose to participate in a rigorous assessment by a team of trained examiners with at least one member on each team from another state. The rigorous assessment process examines evidence from three primary sources:

Student performance: an analysis of student academic achievement data;

Principal performance: an analysis of a portfolio created by the principal; and

School performance: a site visit to gather evidence.

Successful performance in these three areas qualifies an individual for Master School Principal status. Master Principals will receive a $9,000 per year bonus for five years upon earning the designation. They are eligible for an additional $25,000 per year for five years if they are selected to serve at a low-performing school.

Established in 1991, the Arkansas Leadership Academy is a nationally recognized statewide partnership of 15 universities; nine professional associations; 15 educational cooperatives; the Arkansas Departments of Education, Higher Education and Career Education; the Arkansas Educational Television Network; Tyson Foods Inc.; Walmart Stores Inc.; superintendent representatives; the Office of the Governor; and the State Board of Education.

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