Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.

At last I’m able to tell the secret I’ve been holding since last fall when I confirmed a rumor that Sammy Joe Hartwick would run for Mayor. I know the November election seems like a long way off; but it will be here fast. He is also in favor of our current Code Red program that I mentioned two weeks ago. It works very well for us in Greenbrier and you do not need to purchase anything to join. Call the office of Emergency Management at 501-450-4935 or go on-line

Almost every child and adult in all the schools and churches are involved in contributing to our friends in Vilonia, Mayflower and surrounding cities who so desperately need help. Hats off to the GHS students who made a special donation of trees to the Vilonia team during their baseball game.

If you saw the "welcome home" signs for Chris coming into Greenbrier, they were for Chris Blacksmith who just arrived home safe and sound to his wife, Ginger, and three children. He was in Afghanistan this past year.

Remember to say thank you to all our fallen soldiers in Wooster’s Memorial Service on Saturday. But also great big thank yous are in order for all the reserve units and military who are now doing duty in the tornado areas. Emergency responders are always ready and do a tremendous job on short notice. Thanks and hugs to all.

The May 20 presentation of bookcases to 33 children will feature Dr. Charlotte Green as speaker from the Conway School District.

Early voting for the May 20 primary election is now going on at the Greenbrier City Events Center on Wilson Farm Road until May 16. Take advantage of this early opportunity.

‘Til next time…… Please send Greenbrier news, questions, comments, or suggestions to BJ Fox at or call 501-679-3690.