Judith McEuen, a far too humble person, who was voted Greenbrier Citizen of the Year and now graces the cover of the Chamber of Commerce Greenbrier City Directory, has been the right hand person to Mayor Melton Cotton since he took office in April, 1986. She has announced her retirement at the end of May after nearly 30 years at her desk in City Hall.

Moving here from Benton in 1981, she initially worked under Mayor Percy Matthews’ administration as a clerk in the Waste Water Department doing billing and taking payments. Her talents were quickly realized and she moved up to Bookkeeper when Mayor Cotton was elected. In her own words, "I can’t let things slide and I recognize what’s important." She kept the Mayor’s office running smoothly before the age of computers and then adapted well when computers came along, finally accepting the title Administrative Assistant. She can take pride in caring for even the smallest details whenever someone calls.

Although she says she is not creative, she has been the pianist for Immanuel Baptist Church in Greenbrier for 15 years. She also said, "I’m not very good at leisure, but my husband John is retiring at the same time; so we will have time for yard work together." They will be moving to a smaller house on a hill in Russellville where they will enjoy their many grandchildren.