Mother’s Day was a busy day, but there was still quite a crowd at Centerville United Methodist Church. Some of our children returned to the church at 1:30 p.m. to participate with the Faulkner County Singing Club. According to our resident historian, Ben McNew, the singing club has been meeting since before Mother’s Day was recognized as a holiday. How cool is that? There is not any telling what history lesson you will receive at Centerville on any given Sunday, but there is a good chance you are going to walk away having heard some piece of trivia.

The women’s and men’s Bible Classes are winding down at CUMC and there is talk starting our youth nights again as summer nears. Last year was our first effort to have youth activities on Wednesday nights and it proved to be a huge success with both the kids and the adults. Lana and Rick Gartner are camping with the kids this week end at Woolly Hollow to kick off the season. I can guarantee there will be some fishing and good times during the day and some roasted marshmallows and story-telling at night.

My email was down for a few days last week, so I apologize if you sent me information for this week during that time. I am up and running again and would love for you to email me at to submit information for the Centerville part of the paper.


We had a wonderful Mother’s Day get together at our house last Sunday. Our children and most of our great-grandchildren were here. We had a big feast and great fellowship when everyone arrived from worship at their churches, and the children love to play outside when the weather is good.

Our great-granddaughter, Shelly Ponder, celebrated her 11th birthday with a party at her grandmother, Darlene Goff’s home last Saturday. Those attending were Paige Ponder, Zander Ray Vaughan, Taylor Vaughan, Lori Ponder, Danny Fulmer, Billy Don and Donna Vaughan, and others that I don’t know.

Ray finally got his garden planted, that’s a lot of work, but if he didn’t enjoy it, I don’t think he could hold out to do it. Danny helped him some and also planted peanuts for himself. We really enjoy those fresh vegetables.

We had good services at Oakland Methodist Church last Sunday.

A special prayer is offered for the victims of the tornado in Vilonia and Mayflower.

Marsha Brown still needs our prayers, she is still having to go to CARTI for treatment.

Mary Powell, (our former) choir director, has broken her arm and etc. She drives up here from Cabot every Sunday to attend our church. Her husband, Bro. Bert, was our pastor for many, many years. After he passed away, Mary has driven every Sunday since. May God bless her as she struggles with this.

Earnestine Newberry is still a shut-in, also Edene Duran, Arlene King, Florene Gall, Reba Stevenson, Aunt Reba has been a shut-in for a long time. Ann Spears is still having problems. Weldon and Reva Stevenson still need our prayers, and don’t forget Marian McGinty and Sunny Earnhart. We pray for brighter days ahead.

Have a better week. God’s grace transforms sinners into Kingdom workers.

Shady Grove

Gale Garrison and Anna Ruth Kennedy of Conway attended the Jubilee Conference in Branson, Mo., April 14-16 with a group from Copperas Springs Baptist Church. Dr. Johnny Hunt and Dr. Herb Reavis were the featured ministers and those in concert were Sandi Patti, Larnell Harris, Wayne Watson, Greater Vision, The Inspirations, The Perrys, Pat Boone and comedy by Dennis Swanberg.

Jimmie Lee Merritt and Gale Garrison visited Chuck and Euna LeMay of Shady Grove recently.

We send our deepest sympathy to Christine "Chris" Stewart and family in the passing of her mother Liz Ballard this past Wednesday. Her service was at Bethlehem Baptist Church Friday with burial in Bethlehem Cemetery.

Now for the saga from another day in the Hammontree family! For those of you who know Shawn Hammontree, you know he is an accident waiting for a happening. Mother’s Day was his happening. All of the Hammontree, Kunkel, and Reynolds clan gathered at Lori’s house after church to enjoy a cook out. As Antioch services were dismissed Sunday evening, Shawn and Reese decided to go fishing while the girls enjoyed visiting with Lori. During the fishing event, Shawn cast his rod and alas, there was no hook to be seen. He turned to Reese and asked, "Reese, do you see my hook?". After picking himself up from the bottom of the boat (he had fallen off the seat from laughing so hard), he replied, "Dad, it is in your ear." And there it was lodged in the top of his ear. Of course, the first thing Shawn did was to call Tonya.

Tonya calmly (those who know Tonya know that calm is her middle name) told Shawn to get in the car and drive to Lori’s house so that she (Lori) could remove it. And, she added, "Don’t forget Reese." A short time later, Lori said that Shawn came barrelling down the drive, kicking up dust and rocks and he screeched to a halt in the front yard. After examining his ear, Lori decided to call for additional help. Help came in the form of Terry Reynolds. And that is a scary thought. Shawn thought so, too, but Lori reassured him that Terry had delivered calves, sewed up uteruses, and made male calves non males. None of this made Shawn feel better, and he let it be known that these parts were located in a different part of the anatomy. Nevertheless, Terri fetched some pliers and snippers from his tool box.

First, Terry said, "I need to rip this piece off." That was the wrong wording to use on Shawn. At this point, he was pacing. He finally sat back down and Terry took a bottle of antiseptic (Listerine was all he could find). For drama, he took a big drink and passed the bottle to Shawn. "You want me to drink Listerine? What good is that?" "Shawn," Terry said, "That’s what they do in westerns." "I don’t know, Shawn, but it sounded like the thing to do. Now be still and let me cut the end off this hook." "Wait, what do you mean cut? Terry, you are making me nervous." "Shawn, drink some more Listerine and calm down." At this point, Meredith, Tonya, Sarah, and Reese are showing support by standing close by, offering encouraging laughs and snapping lots of photos for Instagram. And they were warned repeatedly not to post these photos. Yeah, those warnings fell on deaf ears.

Terry cut the end of the hook and slipped the rest through the ear. Lots of Listerine flowed at this point, and Shawn had a very bloody, swollen ear. But he lived to tell the story over and over. And that is how Shawn and his family spent Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for next year. There is never a dull moment with this family!!